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 The Village People

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PostSubject: The Village People   Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:56 pm

When it comes to disco much of it is forgettable. The beat is the same and the songs all tend to sound the same as well. There are a few groups who stuck out due to their outrageous costumes and behaviors back in the day. Lady Gaga has nothing on some of these people. One group that comes to mind is the Village People, who all took the forms of some type of gay icon. They never really said they were gay, but most people figured it out. Their costumes and rather catchy songs made them a hit in the late 1970s during the disco craze.

In the Navy

Macho Man (body hair was in back then)

Go West

I can't find a decent YMCA video on YouTube for some reason. However, the novelty of the Village people quickly wore off and they became yesterday's news. The band briefly came back without the costumes and a different sound, but no one cared. They have made a comeback as people are nostalgic for that era.
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The Village People
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