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PostSubject: Vampire Hunter   Vampire Hunter I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2013 3:06 pm

As far as teenaged boys went, Danny was fairly normal. He was a handsome boy of 14 with dark brown hair and a tan on his lanky swimmer's build body. Puberty had been kind to him which should of made life a bit easier at this stage. But Danny also was into vampires, demons and other creatures of the night. He loved horror films and had always wondered whether or not the creatures did exist. He found a site on line that purported to be vampire hunters. He tried to join, but his emails were never answered. His best friends started to tease him as he got older about his infatuation with vampires.

Danny would still go out with them when they all rode their bikes to places to hike and explore. One of the places was an old farm house on a lot that looked abandoned other than a few keep out signs. "I bet vampires live in that house, Danny. We should go knockin' on the door and stake them out!" Joel then started to laugh as he smacked Danny upside his head. Danny took the ribbing in good nature and rode back home to check out that old address. He didn't find much information about the owners so decided to check the local library's old newspapers. They all knew Danny and figured he was researching his vampires again.

Danny found out the old house had been owned by the same family for over a century. He went to see a few of the older residents who had no recollections of anyone living in the house. "As a kid, we used to dare each other to knock on the door. The yard was full of weeds and the old signs telling us to keep out were posted. That always tells a young kid come on in. I do recall there were rumors of missing hobos that we kids thought went to the house and disappeared. Now I do believe it has been abandoned for the most part with the owner showing up to at least fix broken windows as the place isn't falling apart."

Danny decided to go to the house during the day and take a look inside the place alone. The door of the house was in need of paint and it was locked as Danny turned the doorknob. He then walked to a window and opened it up to crawl inside. The house smelled musty as the furniture was covered in sheets. There wasn't too much dust which meant someone had been keeping the place relatively clean. Danny checked the kitchen which had no refrigerator or other appliances. There were no canned goods as well. Danny saw a door that lead to the basement and hesitated to go down there so he went upstairs instead. There was only one locked bedroom door upstairs as Danny checked out the other rooms.

Again, most of the furniture was covered and the beds were made. The rooms were fairly clean with no dust. As Danny was walking out the door of one room, he heard the one door start to open. Danny rushed into the bedroom and hid in the closet. He heard footsteps walk up to the door and Danny braced himself as the closet door was opened. Then Danny saw a horrid looking creature with large bat like ears and bug eyes. Danny screamed as the creature pounced on him and threw him to the ground. Danny again closed his eyes waiting for his throat to be torn open when he heard laughter and saw a man take off a mask.

"You know I could of just shot you for trespassing, stripling. You do read, don't you? The signs say keep out for a reason. I just scared you and now you wet your pants. I don't think your buddies would want to hear about this." Danny was relieved the man was not a vampire creature. But then he realized he wet himself during the scare and was now very embarrassed. "I use the mask to scare off drifters who want to make themselves home here. It was made by a friend of mine who does work in Hollywood movies hence the reality part.

"Why don't you come down to the basement and get out of those wet pants so I can wash them. I won't bite you and you can't go home like that." Danny was nervous at first but then could imagine his buddies waiting for him and seeing his wet jeans. He did as the man said and threw his pants and briefs in the washer. Danny then walked up to the kitchen and asked where the appliances were. "I don't cook for myself and always eat out. I only stay in the one room where I do some writing. My family has owned this place for a long time and it would cost too much money to modernize it. I also like how quaint and quiet it is when I come down here. I'm sorry I don't have a robe either, but I can find you a towel or some sweatpants." Danny then realized he was nude from the waist down and just laughed.

"You remind me of me in my youth. I was a bit carefree as well. My boys are the same way, but my daughters take after the wife." Danny then realized the missing hobos could be attributed to the mask. But the old man Danny talked to was in his 80s and the owner of the house looked in his 40s. Danny then figured the stories were probably old and the disappearances more recent. "Why don't you refresh yourself by showering and your pants will be ready. Even though you are not supposed to be here, I do feel bad for what I did to you." Danny told the man it was OK as he headed toward the bathroom which was quite clean and looked used.

After Danny was finished, the man brought him towels and his now dried clothes. "I am Hank Rollins and hope the next time you visit me you knock on the door. I don't bite, but I will bring my sons so you can meet them." Danny smiled as he got dressed and headed back home. Danny then wondered if the nice man was still a vampire. He did stay inside and the windows were covered with heavy drapes. But then he did say he had a family and did not permanently reside there. Danny decided to not tell his buddies about this incident.

Maybe he was wrong and the vampires were all in his head.

"That was a bad move, dear. That boy will be coming here to visit us. I do not want to be in the middle of a feast when he decides to knock on the door." Hank nodded as his wife spoke and he prepared the homeless man for dinner. "You worry too much, Darling. The boy's curiosity is satisfied and he will leave us alone. Besides, he will only come here during the daylight hours and we will not be eating at that time. Besides, I did think he was a derelict and was preparing to nab him for dinner. But a missing kid would create all kinds of suspicion on us. We have lived here for over 150 years and people have left us alone."

The two then bit the old homeless man and drained him of his blood. Afterward, Hank took the husk and disposed of it outside. Hank then returned to his house and went back into the bedroom with his wife.
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