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 Mother Goddess

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PostSubject: Mother Goddess   Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:08 pm

As a Pagan I am a follower of the Mother Goddess. This is popular and is not the only version of Paganism out there but it is comfortable to me. I do believe in the female aspect of creation and look at Mother Earth as nurturing. I also look at Mother Nature as the force for the beauty that is in the wilderness.

I do use names for the aspects of Deity, and look at them as one would look at Saints or something comparable. Here are some of the Goddesses I follow:

Gaea: Mother Earth

Ceres (Kar, Demeter): Mother Nature

Isis: The Sun

Selene (Luna): The Moon

Diana (Hekate): Witchcraft

Iris: Rainbows and nature

Minerva (Sophia, Athena): Wisdom

Astarte (Venus, Aphrodite): Love

Hestia (Vesta Brigid): The Home

Eostara (Persephone): Spring

Sometimes they are interchangeable in the areas they can guide me.

There are others who play a lesser but still important role such as Bast (Bastet) who is a Cat Goddess and Flora who is a flower Goddess. I also am looking for a sea Goddess and Tethys might fill that role although Minerva is also a water Goddess worshiped by the Celtic peoples after she merged with their Sea Goddess. If I ever take a cruise, I want to know who to have watch over me. flower

If there are any Pagans out there, how do you perceive Deity?
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Mother Goddess
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