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 Conspiracy 2

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PostSubject: Conspiracy 2   Conspiracy 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2013 7:33 pm

False alarm so I can continue now. I had found out my friend Randall Johnson had been wiped off this world. An old lady now lived in the house that was once his. A female coworker had taken his place and acted like she had been there for a few years. My wife had no recollection of Randall at all. I did see a dark SUV pull out of my drive and my wife had no recollection of that either. Now I was truly scared and wanted some answers. I couldn't get a hold of my boss Richard Logan to get the answers I wanted. I didn't know if he was part of this or if something had happened to him as well.

The wife had been cooking dinner when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and saw Richard smiling at me. "Well? Aren't you going to let me in? Your wife did invite me over to dinner, remember?" My wife then walked out of the kitchen and gave Richard Logan a hug. She then told him dinner was going to be ready shortly and asked if he wanted anything to drink. Richard asked for some wine, his favorite as he told her. I didn't know he drank wine, but now we kept some just for him.

Dinner went along with no incidents as my wife talked about her days at work and our daughter off to college. I could barely touch my food as this was all so wrong. We only invited Mr Logan for some gatherings which he usually turned down as being so very busy at work. While he did help us out get started in this town, he was not a social person when it came to dinner functions. My wife was fond of him for his help, but she also was never this friendly toward him. When it was all finished, I asked Mr Logan if I could speak to him in my den.

"I am guessing you have a lot of questions. Some of them might even get an answer or two. But first let me thank your wife for such a lovely dinner. Get used to this as I plan on coming here a bit more often. I don't know where Randall got that schedule of data releases, but it really created a major problem as we could not find his copies at his house. I am going to ask you nicely if you have any other copies with you. We searched this place earlier and found nothing." I started asking a lot of questions after denying having any copies of those images with me. "I gave you everything trusting you would do the right thing. Now my best friend is probably dead and my wife has been messed with." Mr Logan told me to take a seat before I said anything else.

"We tried to deal with Randall but he was a bit too stubborn so he had to be liquidated. The same fate awaits you if you don't cooperate. We have ways to making people think they have lived at a certain house all their life or not known even a family member. Would you like to forget you ever had a daughter? I thought so. Now all I want is for those documents Randall had. I am going to believe you about not having copies yourself.

"Here is the deal: You will come to work every day like nothing has happened and help me with special projects. I also expect you to play along with your new coworker in the shop. She really does know what she is doing and it took all night to program those memories of working with you into her. Do as I ask and things will go smoothly. Disobey me and your wife and daughter disappear just like Randall did." Mr Logan then stepped out to the kitchen and thanked my wife. He told her he had to get back home early as he needed some rest from work. I waited until Mr Logan was gone and checked to make sure there were no other cars that did not belong on the street.

I had been on the internet earlier and found a place to send Randall's schedule and images to. They were conspiracy researchers and knew their stuff. I told the wife I was going to the convenience store to get something for my headache. I then left and drove to the woods where there was a small lake. It was accessible for someone with a wheelchair and there was a small shed that kept maintenance supplies for the park keepers. Randall loved this place and didn't tell anyone else but me. If he hid the documents, they would be here. I opened up the shed with a key Randall had given me. I don't know where he got them from, but figured he had a friend or distant relative who worked there. I saw the documents were in a manila envelope and quickly drove to an all night delivery service. The clerk was a boy of about 18 and he took the envelope and weighed it. After paying him the fees he took it out in the back. I then smiled as I had put one over on the system.

I then wondered why the boy had not come out when I saw Mr Logan walk into the store. "Well, you did us a favor by bringing those items here. Don't worry about the kid as he will never remember you stopping by." I then heard a muffled gunshot and saw a man wearing a black suit with dark shaded sunglasses come out of the room. He put away a gun with a silencer on as I looked at Mr Logan in horror. "Look, the system we use does not always work. A bullet to the head works 100%. Now get in your car and drive my friend to where he directs you to." The man followed me to my car as I felt a sense of dread.

I drove to the laboratory where the man put headphones on me as well as a hood over my head. I could only hear music as I was taken to the SUV and driven for what seemed like several hours. I then was taken to some place with long halls in it. I don't know where it was as I could not see or hear anything. I could only tell I was inside as I could smell the difference and feel the changes in the weather. The hood and headphones were taken off and I was in an office with no windows in it. There was a computer on a desk and some other equipment but nothing to indicate where it was or who it belonged to.

"Before you wipe my mind, at least tell me about those images. Why were they so important?" Mr Logan looked at me and nodded for the man in black to step out of the office. I wanted to look out but Mr Logan made sure I was facing a wall so I wouldn't see anything. That gave me a glimmer of hope I might not die.

"There are many things the public doesn't know about. Some things would disturb the way we live and view the world. Many groups would lose power and even some would take to the streets and riot. We really don't know so we keep those big things from them. Suppose you woke up and found out aliens were headed this way with intentions unknown? What would you do about it? Well, we have something like that on our hands. Your friend Randall discovered something that we would have to explain to the public and that is unacceptable. So he is dead. Unfortunately, you probably will die as well. I don't know if it is set as I have a meeting to go to. I might just get your brain erased but that does not always work unless you are elderly and have other issues." I tried to get more out of Mr Long but he told me to have a seat and not do a thing until he got back.

I then saw the computer was connected to the internet and started to type on this site. The interruption was the man in black who told me my fate had been decided. He then left and I have been typing since. I hear someone at the door right now so I had better be quick.

The name Randall Johnson is very real. I want someone out there to find out about him. Any relatives or friends would know who he was should come out with proof of his existence. He may have copies of those documents out there as he was a smart man. I should have listened to him and kept quiet.

Item found on the a conspiracy website. Identity of author not known, but several people now claim to have known a Mr Randall Johnson and claim his life has been wiped out. Others claim this story is a hoax.
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Conspiracy 2
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