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 Aunt Martha's Egg Collection

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Aunt Martha's Egg Collection Empty
PostSubject: Aunt Martha's Egg Collection   Aunt Martha's Egg Collection I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 16, 2013 4:09 pm

Aunt Martha was a bitter old woman. There was no nice way of putting it. She did have a large marble and stone egg collection that she would sit for hours looking at and cleaning. Aunt Martha did have children and grandchildren but she would shoo them away after an hour visiting because the house she lived in was too small for them. At least that is what she told them to their faces. They didn't like her much and the visits were quite silent with forced smiles and small conversation about the weather. The visits soon stopped as her children gave up and the grandchildren refused to go.

Her sister had grandchildren who would visit their Aunt Martha and most felt the same except for Joey. He was a little boy when he first met Aunt Martha and saw a few of the eggs she had in a display. "Now don't you touch those or I will tan your hide until you won't be able to sit for months." Her sister had to remind her the boy was only six and just looking at the egg.

When Joey turned ten, he was told to go mow Aunt Martha's lawn because no one else wanted to. "You will get some money and the old I mean your Auntie Martha will have company to talk to." Joey had no idea how to mow a lawn or even operate a mower, but since Auntie May lived a few blocks down he would go and do his best. He also wanted to ask her about her egg collection.

Joey had the lawn mower out and was looking puzzled as he tried to figure out why it wouldn't start. "It needs some oil and a little cleaning as it hasn't been used for a while. Here, let me help you." The kind old man was Martha's neighbor Jack who could see the boy was struggling. He helped him get started and showed him how to start and run the mower. There are some people who are just not cut out for yard work and Joey was one of them. But he did try and Jack admired it.

"Auntie Martha? Can I see some of those eggs you have in the display?" Auntie Martha looked at the awkward boy and told him to wipe his feet before he entered the house. Joey took off his shoes and asked if he could take a shower first. "What? A ten year old boy wanting to shower after making himself stink?" Aunt Martha rolled her eyes and told him to clean the bathroom when he was done.

"Good God, that boy is a deviant. I figured when he ran away from that mower. Plus he likes my egg collection. Oh, well, might as well show him some." The bathroom smelled fresh and was sparkling when Joey was finished in there. He then sat down next to his Auntie Martha as they looked at all the eggs and dusted off a few. "I have many more I keep out of sight. Many brilliant colors and some bigger than goose eggs. We can take a look at those next time." Joey hugged Auntie Martha and told her he loved her. He then skipped back home as Martha rolled her eyes again. She then smiled as it had been a long time when someone told her they loved her and really meant it. Ten year old boys like Joey don't lie about their feelings. Plus, he had nothing to gain like the grandkids.

The visits went on every week for the next three years. Martha looked forward to them and would start preparing foods for the both of them. Joey loved to cook and Martha now didn't care if he was different from the other boys. She liked his company and he was the only family member who would drop be.

"Listen, Jan. I don't have that much money so when I die I don't want you spending your cash inheritance on a funeral service. It won't be too much and this house is in bad shape. I plan on giving it to someone else and that includes everything inside of it. Now don't you give me any grief, the walls are quite thin here and I heard you joke about burning all the junk in this house. There nothing you want and nothing you need. Be happy I am not leaving the petty cash I do have to charity." Jan was on the phone and didn't really want anything. But she did want to go through it if there was any antique worth selling. Martha had cancer and was given a short period of time to live.

Joey was now 13 and would also hang out with Jack's young grandson when he came out to mow the lawn. He had no idea about how sick Auntie Martha was as she hid it from him. But she knew she would only get worse and decided to end it all that night after Joey went home. She really outdid the eggs and showed Joey some surprisingly beautiful specimens. Joey said his goodbyes later on and gave his Auntie Martha a great big hug. She then noticed he was hugging tighter and was starting to sob. His mother told him about the cancer which made Martha upset. "You are a child and this is not for you to be concerned about. Listen, I am going to die and I am leaving you my entire egg collection. I also am giving Jack the house and telling him you get all the contents inside."

That night Auntie Martha passed away after taking an overdose of sleeping pills. The funeral was quite small as a few words were said at her daughter Jan's house. "Thank's Ma. Leaving me that $18,000 to split among my loving brothers and sisters. Wow. I am soooooo saddened by your death." Jan poured herself a drink and muttered 'old bitch' a few times as Joey looked at her shocked. He started to cry and swear at Jan. Jack then calmed the boy down so he could speak rationally.

"You never got to know her. She was kind to me and never called me a sissy to my face like everyone else did. She let me mow the lawn even though I did a lousy job in the beginning. She let me look at her egg collection and help her clean it. She was kind, funny and had many great stories to tell with each egg. You wanted her money that didn't exist and blamed all of your problems on her. Well, I am going to get the egg collection and give it a new loving home." The boy left as Jack followed him to help move the eggs as they were going to be heavy.

Joey noticed a note with his name on it in Martha's handwriting:

Thank you for befriending a bitter mean old woman like myself. My kids tried when they were young and I was nasty to them. Well, now they don't visit and I asked for it. But you really did love me for all my faults. The moments we spent with those silly eggs I always cherished and will cherish where I am at now. I am guessing it is very hot where I went! (Ha, ha!)

Anyway, I wanted you to know my late husband worked for the mob and turned all of his cash into a gold coin collection. It is worth millions and is in a storage room under my bedroom. The trap door is under the bed and it is easy to get to. That is why I have rollers on the bed. Pull up the rug and there it is. I also kept all the other eggs in there as well. Uncle Jack will be very kind to help you move it out. Then he can do what he wishes with the house.

I do love you,


Joey was a bit shocked after reading but now was smiling. Auntie Martha was looking out for him and left him even more lovely eggs.
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Aunt Martha's Egg Collection
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