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 The Olde Android Shoppe

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PostSubject: The Olde Android Shoppe   The Olde Android Shoppe I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 20, 2013 6:44 pm

Bill and Angela pulled up in the parking lot of the small store that was called The Olde Android Shoppe. They had found it online after discussing pets for the house. Angela did not want the cleaning up and having to walk a dog every day. Bill felt the same way and was not really in the mood for a pet. "This is so weird. I think I will change my mind about this one, Bill."

"Angie, we are at least going to look at the pets they have there. If we don't you are going to keep wanting a pet of some kind. It doesn't hurt to at least give this a try." They both got out of the car and went into the shop where several dogs of different breeds were sitting down like they were stuffed animals. The shop owner was dressed in a white lab coat as he smiled and welcomed the two into his shop. "What are you in the market for? Dogs? Cats? Birds? I did carry fish and turtles, but those people actually enjoy taking care of the tank and feeding the critters. The others are quite messy and can destroy the household. These animals are programmed not to scratch and only to make noise on command." Angela walked up to a small Jack Russell terrier and started to pet it.

The shop keeper turned the dog on which started to pant and wag its tail. "You can program it to lick your face if you want to. Remember, he won't eat dead things and won't need potty breaks so your lawn stays nice and clean. He is realistic to look at and fun to play with. He can be programmed to do so many tricks it will amaze you. The cats come in programmable and cat mode. Some people just want them to act like cats without creating the messes." The shop keeper saw Bill was bored so he showed Angela several more dogs she might like.

"You sir look like you would rather not have an android pet. May I ask why?" Bill shrugged and then told the shop keeper he really didn't want any pets as he could care less. "We have been married for over 30 years and had no children. We did have a dog that lived a long life until we had to put it down. I just don't need to get attached to a real dog and I think a robot one is silly." The shop keeper reminded him the dog would not die and would only need to be recharged. "You can stick it in the attic for a long time and then recharge it any time you felt nostalgic for your old dog."

Bill just sat back as the shop keeper nodded for him to back area of the store. "You said you were childless? We have a special model that just arrived from the Prometheus Corporation. It comes in boy or girl and they are life size android children. Or I should say adolescents as they appear to be 14 or so. I think they will come out with younger models eventually, but this one has to do well enough." The shop keeper opened up the front of the box showing a teenage boy with his eyes closed.

"He looks very realistic. Is he a robot that does chores? Is he for people who want to show off a child they don't have?" The shopkeeper shrugged and showed Bill the price tag. "I think he is there for people who had no children and one of the spouses passed away. You can see it is very expensive for cleaning house. You can use the money for a maid to live in your house for the rest of you life." Bill nodded and asked if he was deliverable as the box was heavy.

"We do deliver and I will put in the dog for free once your wife picks its color and size out." Angie was in the front saying she wanted either pink or lime green for the dog. Bill shrugged and said it was her choice as the shopkeeper asked if they wanted a guard dog. "He is trained for guarding and would recognize you two. He is great to keep out those pesky relatives from visiting." Bill said no as he paid for his order and headed back home.

"So, what did you get? I saw you talking to him out back. Am I going to see another golden retriever in the house again?" Angie was alluding to the breed of dog Bill had those years ago. "You will have to wait and see. I think you will either like it or want me to take it back."

The delivery truck backed up in the drive and brought in a tall package for bill and a smaller one for Angie. "They really pack those dogs in well." Angie opened her box and the dog was rapped in a small ball like it was asleep. She turned it on and the dog wagged its tail and licked her in the face. "It is so cute! Why is that box so much bigger? Is there a body in it?"

Bill opened the top and a red headed teen boy was revealed with his eyes closed. Bill opened the bottom and the android was wearing white pajama top bottoms. "For what I paid you would of thought he came with his own wardrobe. I guess it is like those dolls you had as a girl where they nickel and dime you for the accessories. It also says for me to caress his face to turn him on." Angie gave Bill a dirty look when he realized what he had said. "You know what I mean, Angie. Go walk your dog."

The android opened his eyes and the irises glowed a brilliant blue color. Bill then recited the words to activate the android's recognition systems and it looked at Bill and smiled at him. "It says here the android is sentient. That is impossible!" Bill called up the shopkeeper to ask him about that and the clothes.

"You are the one who is going to dress him. Do you want him to run around your household in underpants like many his age do? Are you going to have him wear a suit? I don't know and the maker doesn't know. The dog didn't come with a color and the android does not come with clothes other than those shipping pants." Bill asked about the android being sentient and he laughed. "The maker just shipped me the one model and didn't tell me much. I saw you looked lonely and sold him to you like the maker suggested. It is not for everyone so you should feel lucky. Did you name him yet?" Bill had forgotten about it and walked up to the android and gave him the name Kevin.

Kevin gave Bill a big hug and Bill began to tear up a bit. It was just like a real teenage son of his own. "I am going to go shopping for your clothes tomorrow. You don't sweat and are not going to need food, but the manual says you are waterproof and can digest food and use as energy." Kevin heard Angie scream and ran out to see the dog lying on the grass barking and then growling. It was also shooting sparks as it had run through a sprinkler. "I thought this dog would be able to handle playing in the sprinkler like your dog used to. I hope the warranty covers this or I will be upset."

Bill took the dog to the shopkeeper who shook his head. "I told her we have waterproof models but they only came in certain colors. She wanted pink and she got this one. I will give you a nice discount on the other dog." Bill paid for it as the shopkeeper took the other one to recycle its parts. "Kevin is doing just fine. I plan on treating him like a normal human teenage boy." The shopkeeper smiled as he mentioned a possible brother or sister for Kevin. Bill mentioned one is enough and left the store with a golden retriever this time. It was waterproof and did not have a wild color.

It was nighttime and Bill took Kevin into the den so he could lie down. "You are an android so you do not need sleep. But I do think you should at least get out of those awful pajamas for now. I need to find something for you when we go shopping." Kevin laid down on the bed as Bill covered him up with a sheet. Bill then walked into the bedroom to see Angie reading a book in the chair. Usually she was getting ready for bed and would read a bit in there. This meant Bill was in trouble for something. "What did I do now?"

"That dog. You had to get the one you had when you had one. I wanted one just for me and you could of found a waterproof one of a different color. But you chose that ugly dog instead. I don't want it. You also are doting on that robot like it is alive. I never saw you pay so much attention to me like that. It goes back tomorrow just like the dog. I thought we could have some fun, but you made it about yourself as usual." Bill climbed into bed and mumbled the shop was closed so they would take them back Monday.

Bill was at the shop Monday and had brought the dog back for a refund. "Do you have anything that is larger than what I have? Something that could take the place of a wife?" The shopkeeper smiled and nodded as he showed a very large box in the back.

"I just got one in today. I told you not to program her in the wife mode. This time, use the mistress mode."
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The Olde Android Shoppe
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