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 Frank Zappa: Not for the faint of heart

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PostSubject: Frank Zappa: Not for the faint of heart   Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:54 pm

Frank Zappa is a musical legend and has a very loyal following. He passed away December 1993, but his music and compositions live on forever. Frank Zappa also was a champion of the First Amendment and fought all kinds of Music censorship. He had strange allies with Donny Osmond and a few others when it came to ratings on records. His solution was to have the lyrics available to parents, which made a lot of sense so they didn't do it.

These tracks are all family friendly:

Joe's Garage

Cosmik Debris (Great jam session)

Black Napkins

Burnt Weeny Sandwich (You gotta love the titles of his tracks)

Valley Girl (I am not a big fan of this, but it is his only 'hit' as defined by radio at the time. It was written by Frank and performed by his daughter Moon Unit)

Frank also did jazz, classical and just about all the genres there are in the music world. He might be compared to the Bach of our day with what he did and wanted to do with music.
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Frank Zappa: Not for the faint of heart
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