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PostSubject: Buy Now Pay Later   Buy Now Pay Later I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 28, 2013 8:27 pm

"Mark and Mike are coming home for a few weeks from the military. They are bringing two friends so it will be quite crowded at the house." Jill did not mind her twin sons coming home for a visit but had spent a month cleaning the house and redesigning it her way when the twins left for basic training together. When they wrote home they told their father they were bringing a couple of buddies with them on leave. John of course understood that as he had been in the navy himself. He also had to do his best to keep his own mancave from being converted into an arts and crafts room for his wife.

"I see they have that small triangular shaped camper online here. It sleeps six adults comfortably and is very sturdy. It costs $27, 000 though but we can pay later on their credit plan." Ida asked to see it and smiled as she saw money back guarantee. "That is the answer to our prayers. No messy teenagers in the house again and we can return it without paying a dime. Just make sure they don't damage it in any way." John saw the small print about the money back guarantee and was a bit weary about it.

"There is always a catch to those things. I figured we could use it ourselves and go out to the lake a few times. It is like camping with a bit more comfort." Jill reminded John she hated camping but went along those days to keep him happy and make sure she had that wedding band. "I was also kidding about the camper. We really don't need it as the boys can stay in my mancave. It is perfect for them and they will be out of your hair." Jill put her foot down and told John to go along with her plan.

Jill called up the sales department and asked about the money back guarantee. "If you are not satisfied, you can return it to a dealer with no money lost. Conditions do apply if you take it out camping, of course." Jill agreed to all of the conditions without paying attention to them. She even told the saleswoman to just give her the damn thing and waive all those options and scripts. "It saves us both time."

It was a small triangular camper on the outside but inside it was roomy with the sides folding out for beds. "The boys won't mind this at all, dear. They are used to living in close quarters and have been showering together as well as other things." Jill looked at John to remind him she did not need to picture the personal habits of her sons let alone husband. "Sorry dear."

Mark and Mike were fraternal twins and each had their friends with them. They had a great time at home and spent it looking up other buddies and with John in his mancave. They all left and John was cleaning up the camper to bring it back to the dealer. "I feel bad about this, Jill. We did use it and are not even giving them one dime for it." Jill rolled her eyes as she told John to take it back and tell them it is too small for what they need. John drove it to the dealer who smiled and asked what the problem was. "The wife says it will be much too small. I kept it around for a few weeks hoping she would change her mind. She didn't and I am returning it well within the time allotted."

The dealer again smiled and went to his office where he returned with a small black light. He shined it all over the camper and found a few stains on the mattresses. "If I might be so bold, I would say young late teenaged boys slept in here and did possibly a bit more. You did not want those kids in the house and had them stay in here. You also never intended to buy this camper either and want another person to clean these rather disgusting DNA stains." John shook his head no and tried to deny it.

"Sir, I was not born yesterday! Now take this camper home as it is yours. I will notify the company at what you just attempted and they will not be pleased. Good day, sir!" The man walked off as John tried to bribe him to take it back. He just wrote some more things down as he headed toward his office. "Just take it home." John did that and hoped Jill was not back from shopping. Jill returned and was not too angry about it.

"We won't pay them and they will repossess it."

John opened the door to see a nice looking man with black hair and a touch of gray. He was wearing a dark blue suit and had a smile on his face. "John, I have a problem with you. Is it OK if I call you John? Well, you have not made one payment for the camper and now you have to pay it back in full. So I have come here to collect the $39,999 right now or it won't be good." John's mouth dropped at what the man told him.

"Now you hold on one doggone moment. Just take the camper as it is in brand new condition. My boys and their friends did sleep in it and someone got some of his DNA on a mattress. I have since had professionals clean it for a lot of money. I also do not know where you came up with such a high figure as that would of cost me less than $25 Gs based on the sale you had." The man took out a couple sheets of paper and went over it.

"Cleaning the mattress is moot as you voided any deal or contract you signed with us. It is all in the fine print. As for the cost of the campier, interest, fees and attempted bribery brought the cost up to the figure I gave you. My boss is being generous today as there is a sizable discount in that price. Now I would like a certified check or cash at this very minute. If not, we go to plan B and you won't like it very much." John thought this was all a joke as he told the man it would take a while to get the money together.

"Just get in my car and I will take you to your bank the house is on. Take a loan out of it to pay us and we are done. If not, I go to plan B and again you won't like it." John finally became a bit angry but did not want his wife to hear what was going on. "I guess we go to plan B because I am not going to take out any money on this house to pay for something I don't want."

"If you want me to go to plan B you have to sign these forms. Again, I won't pester you for money but you won't like it." John asked what plan B was after he signed the papers.

"Oh, we just take your sons away from you so you will never see them again. I told you you won't like it. Have a nice day."
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Buy Now Pay Later
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