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 The Comte St Germaine Interview (3 of 3)

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The Comte St Germaine Interview (3 of 3) Empty
PostSubject: The Comte St Germaine Interview (3 of 3)   The Comte St Germaine Interview (3 of 3) I_icon_minitimeSun May 19, 2013 6:29 pm

"Mr James Patrick? I believe you are researching the Comte St Germaine for a book you are writing on the subject. I wonder if you would like to interview him yourself?" James now wondered if this was a prank or for real. The person on the other side assured him this was for real as the Comte will prove as to his being quite real and explain who he really is. "If nothing else, you interview a wealthy kook who will pay for your trip here as well as board and lodging at the finest hotel." James decided to go as he really had nothing to lose if it was all being paid for.

The hotel was one of the finer ones as James was checked into a suite. He was then called on in his room that a limo was waiting for him. James entered the limo and was taken to a highrise building that also was of art deco design. He was brought up on a personal elevator to a posh hallway that had one address only. There was no name on it and a dark haired man was waiting for him with the door open. "I am the Comte St Germaine as I was once known. This is one of my places of residence and you can see it is quite nice. I will show you around and then we will go to my private pool on the rooftop."

The man looked like the Prince had described in the one journal. The apartment was large and filled with marble statues of Greek and Roman deities. There were also paintings by the masters he had not seen before. "Yes, I was friends with each one. They painted a few special paintings just for me. I also had the finest craftsmen and women create those life like sculptures for me." The entire place was ornate as they entered the private elevator to the rooftop. There James saw a large swimming pool with beautiful young men and women swimming in the nude.

"The body is quite beautiful as well and I admire it. I had people swim like this at my residences in Europe but they would have to cover themselves when guests arrived. I also couldn't have them show up when I was busy helping out the royal and noble families at the times. They were such prudes on the outside but engaged in such debauchery when left alone. Back then, you helped them out as then they would bring prosperity to their people. I noticed it was not always the case as they just partied more with the money I gave them. It was one main reason why I left.

"Those journals you read left out the swimming parties I brought those princes and nobles to. I wanted them to relax and enjoy the body as well as the mind, but differently than how they were raised. I despise the class system as it means you ignore so many interesting people. That is why I picked many poor men to imitate me. They could live like a king when in real life they were beggars. The nobles and royals were never the wiser. So why don't you join me for a swim?" The Comte disrobed and revealed a very athletic body as he jumped into the pool. James joined him as he figured this would be an entertaining section of the book.

"How are you as old as you are and yet look so youthful? What is the secret to your wealth? What is your real name?" The Comte laughed as he swam on his back and splashed a group of teenaged boys and girls. "I went to one of those conventions and most thought I was a fraud as I looked too young for them. One of the biggest questions was if I was a vampire. I do admire the Sun so that rules out being a vampire. I also know how to create gold and other precious metals as well as gemstones. After we are done here I will show you something that will prove what I am saying." James then enjoyed the next hour until they got dressed to head out to the country.

"Who were all those young people and do their parents know they are swimming naked with a wealthy man?" The Comte laughed and told James to be patient. "I could tell you I paid all of them and their parents to do that for show. But that would not be true. I think you really want to know about my wealth and I am taking you to a place where I store some of it. The sedan drove up to a farm house with a large barn.

"I never take the limo here as it would get much unwanted attention. Even though we are out in the country, there are nosy people around. The house is unoccupied but is full of furniture. We are headed to the barn where I have a secret elevator." They entered the barn and a storage shed which turned out to be an elevator. They then went down what appeared to be several hundred feet to a massive vault door entrance. It was big enough for a truck to drive through as the Comte waved his hand causing it to open. "It only opens for me and a few others like that. The best security system in the world."

The men then entered a vast warehouse that had stacks and stacks of gold bricks like Fort Knox. James' mouth dropped as he stared at the glittering amount of gold in front of him. He also saw barrels and sacks filled with gold coins. "There is also silver and platinum a few miles down. I own all the land above this place and had it declared wilderness so no one builds or drills on it." James picked up a heavy brick and saw an eagle emblem stamped on it. "You did say this is one of your storage facilities. How many do you have? And are they all filled up like this?"

"Quite a few and yes. I want this country and others to go back to the gold standard. Their money now is worthless and can be printed up on a government whim. Gold will always have its value as long as I don't let this supply get out there. Even if it did, people would horde it so it would retain much value. This is my underworld. Do you like it?" James then asked the Comte who he really was.

"I thought you would of figured that out by now. I am not human given my very long life and appearance of youth. I also have vast amounts of wealth which should be a big giveaway. I have Greek and Roman statues and beautiful youths running around naked at my places. Still don't know who I am?" James just admired the walls of gold and looked down the aisle as far as his eyes could see.

"I am the God Pluto, who is the God of Wealth and Plenty. Most people associate me with the underworld and with Hades which is run by other minor Gods and Goddesses. I can create gold and so much more. I have done so to create happiness for people who otherwise have nothing. But then they let greed get in the way of enjoying life. Hence I created the persona of the Comte to help some out and let them think I was a wealthy eccentric. A few were privy on my secret, but most did not know. Write your book and tell them of me and my fellow Gods. Tell them we are all alive and are here if they want to return to us.

"I will not bribe them with gold but want all to be happy. There is no need to go hungry in a world with so much. Let's go back and I will introduce you to those beautiful nymphs and satyrs running around at my apartment." James was stunned as they soon appeared back at the apartment. "I did say I was a God so I do not need a car to travel in."

James smiled as he started to write the stuff down in a notebook. He then saw a group of teenagers smiling and beckoning him to join them in the pool. "Ah, what the hell. I mean Hades. Might as well enjoy life."
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The Comte St Germaine Interview (3 of 3)
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