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 Vampires! Dating

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PostSubject: Vampires! Dating   Vampires! Dating I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 6:36 pm

Daniel entered the house and shined his flashlight on the woman whose back was turned to him. "Lily? Is that you?" Lily turned around and smiled showing off her long fangs. Another form walked into the light and turned out to be Lily's brother Henry. "Leave now, Daniel! Just turn around and get out of here! We are not the same as we were, Daniel. Lily is not in love with you and only wants one thing." Daniel just stared as he thought the both of them were playing a game for the mysterious Count.

"Listen guys, I can take a joke like the next person. This is getting creepy now. I just want to take Lily home and talk to her. Henry, you can be an ass at times. I know you don't like me, but don't pull off this stupid stuff just for a laugh." Henry ran up to Daniel and grabbed his throat tightly. "I can drain you of all your blood right now. I told you to leave and you think this is all a game. It started out as one, but then we went too far. Look at what we have become." Henry released Daniel who was choking and coughing as Lily stared blankly at him.

"I suppose we can go back to your bedroom to make love while your parents are home, Daniel. I suspect you have been wishing that for a long time. The interesting thing is you will be the one enjoying it all as I only want one thing to satisfy me. It is warm human blood while the person is still living. Sex, love, hate. It all is a blur to me. I just crave blood and that is my lust. Tell him, Henry." Daniel was now getting a bit scared as they seemed to be taking this way too far.

"The count invited us to his manor last night and told us we could both live forever. He said our emotions, lust and desires were nothing compared to the desire and lust he would give to us as gifts. The Count lied to us and yet he told the truth. We lost all of our humanity to gain a lust for blood that will never satisfy. And we will live forever. You are just a mere boy to us, Daniel. But you are also food as we both smell and hear the young fresh virgin blood pumping through your body. It does feel good to be bitten, but you won't become a vampire as we both will just drain you completely." Henry put his hand on Daniel's forehead and pulled down his shirt to reveal the neck.

"Look at that vein. Pumping away just waiting for us to open it up. Lily, why not take the first bite?" Lily walked up to the now terrified Daniel and kissed him on his neck. "Now do you believe us, Daniel? We said to stay away from us and you didn't listen. Maybe today you will lose your virginity to me. But then your blood won't taste very good." Daniel struggled as tears were forming in his eyes.

"You both can kill me if you wish. I don't want to become what you are." As Henry lunged to take a bite, Lily threw him against the wall and pulled Daniel closer to herself. "Henry always was an idiot, Daniel. If we do eat you, you will be missed. And they will ask many questions which is not good. Go back to your little bedroom and wait for me to meet you there. Then we will talk." Lily picked up Daniel and led him to the door pushing him outside. She then walked up to the dazed Henry and grabbed his throat.

"Leave Daniel alone. He is MINE! I am much stronger than you as I fed after I changed. You cowered out and are now weak. I would kill you and drink your blood if you were not my brother. But then again, it is fun to see how you have lost all of your sex drive and only want blood." Henry pushed his sister away and ran toward the stairs.

"You are the same as I am, Lily. You also have no more desires. We are not human."

Daniel sat on his bed as the Moon's light shown in. His parents asked where he had been and got the usual silent treatment. Daniel then bribed his younger brother to stay out of the bedroom as he had to meet someone. He then heard scratching at the window and saw Lily staring at him with her now dark circled eyes. "I am not going to invite you in, Lily. Then you can't harm me or my family." Lily opened the window and stepped inside the room.

"We only met a month ago and you didn't know me as a human. Now I am a vampire and you know much less. Only if you have a protection spell can you keep me or my brother out of here." Lily noticed Daniel was still dressed and started to unbutton his shirt. "Why are you still dressed? Do you want this or what?" Daniel pushed Lily away as he was still quite scared of her.

"My brother is outside in the hallway and my parents are asleep. Besides, you are a vampire now." Lily laughed as she ripped off Daniel's shirt. Daniel sat down on his bed and quickly grabbed a sword and pointed it at Lily. "If I cut your head off, you will be destroyed." Lily laughed as she walked closer to Daniel. Suddenly she heard the door open and saw the younger brother start to walk in. Daniel used this to cut her head off causing Lily and the younger brother to scream.

Daniel ran up to his brother as the body of Lily turned into dust. "I have to kill her brother and then I will be back and explain it all to you. Just don't tell Mom and Dad about this."

"Do you really expect me to believe you killed my sister? And now you want to do the same to me with that old rusty sword of yours?" Henry didn't know to laugh or just lunge after Daniel. He was quite hungry and figured he was quicker than any human could be. He just ran toward Daniel and the next sight was of his body standing there without a head. Daniel walked up to the head which was starting to decay.

"You are a naughty boy, Daniel. You killed my two latest vampires. I guess they were weak and you are the stronger one. I can make you even stronger and give you eternal life."

"Save it for the next one, Count."
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Vampires! Dating
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