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 Johnny Cash: The Original Man in Black

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PostSubject: Johnny Cash: The Original Man in Black   Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:57 pm

"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."

When American Recordings released their first collection of Johnny Cash songs it was simply tilted 'CASH'. The cover was completely black except for the large name of CASH on top of it. People knew who he was and he sailed to the tops of the college and alternative music sales charts. Music execs were boggled that this legendary performer could sell so many records and CDs to a younger generation that was into Grunge and other styles.

Johnny Cash was simply a Living Legend. His music reached across all genres and audiences. Mr Cash would also perform at prisons since they were ignored by everyone else. He identified with their struggles and they did his. His Live at San Quentin album is a classic.

Folsom Prison Blues:

Walk the Line

Hurt (one of his final performances)

Ring of Fire

A Boy Named Sue

There will never be anyone like Mr Cash again. His music and inspiration do live on.
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Johnny Cash: The Original Man in Black
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