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 Missing Chronicles: Uncle Harry (2 of 3)

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PostSubject: Missing Chronicles: Uncle Harry (2 of 3)   Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:30 am

"I listened to all the 911 recordings and could not find yours. I also listened to all the ambulances coming and going from the hospital. I interviewed the staff and the ones remembered you asking about your brother but don't remember him being brought in. The hospital is quite busy and they see a lot of people with heart attacks coming in. The hospital also doesn't want their employees to get too involved with police work. They are deathly afraid of lawsuits and make us jump through all the legal hoops. When we do, memories tend to fade purposely." Julia was upset at this latest bit of news from Mike.

"My father had one of the most baffling cases ever and he kept on it. We might have something similar on our hands, but I will do my best to make this one a solved case and bring your brother home to you. First, I do have to ask a few distasteful questions about your relationship with your brother. Neighbors reported he had quite a temper and would yell at you and your kids." Julia nodded and sat down as Mike poured her some coffee.

"Harry was an ass. That is the nicest way to put it in his case. He was the oldest in our family and bossed us kids around. He never married and had no children of his own. He detests our brother and sister which is why he did move in with me. I will admit after losing a good paying job I needed help with the bills and keeping the house. You know my husband died a few years ago and it has made my life hectic.

"I won't lie to you about how living with my brother was ideal. He kicked my teenaged sons out of their room so he could stack it with his junk. It is full of boxes and when they went in there to change clothes so not to upset me or their sister Harry went ape. But I would never kill him over something like that. I knew what he was like and what I was getting into. He was going to leave in a few months and we would have our house back. Besides, I would have nothing to gain." Mike wrote this down and thanked Julia for being honest.

"Relatives can be very difficult to live with especially when we grow up and get set in our ways. But we do what is best for all and having a roof over one's head is very important." Mike got back to his case as Julia went home to make some appointments.
"I am Harry Maxwell's financial adviser and that is all I can really tell you as he is not legally dead. I don't know who he left his monies to but I can tell you I am still putting the same amount of money in his account each month. Only he can change that and again he is missing. You can have him legally declared dead after seven years which might take another year to complete. I will say his account can handle that with ease." Julia thanked the man and went home to see Mike at her door.

"I spoke with the financial offer of Harry's and he said he could not tell me anything about his money since he is not legally dead. I am wondering is this is something he is doing. I just wonder how he could do it as I did see the ambulance pull up and so did the neighbors. I did call 911 on my phone." Mike nodded and asked for Julia to be seated. "I didn't find any call to 911 on your phone, Julia. I wonder if someone wanted your brother dead for some purpose. What did he do for a living?"

"Harry was in the financial market like I was. While I manged a bank branch, I don't quite know what Harry did. He mentioned he had money but was very miserly about it. He never told me what he earned and I never asked." Mike wrote this down and Julia asked him if he believed her. "I get the feeling people think I am making this up or am crazy. My kids were in the living room when this happened."

"I spoke to your children and they were quite upset about it. I believe this happened and someone is trying to cover it up. My father had a case in which a group of teenaged boys vanished into thin air. It haunted him to his grave as it was never solved. It made me believe there are bigger things at play we can only fathom. But I hope this doesn't become a case like his." Mike left the house as Julia looked outside to see her older neighbor Mr Whitley outside staring at her. He had his usual big smile and waved at Julia. She waved back and he just kept staring at her.
"Dad, if you can hear me I have a case that is a bit like yours, but it involves a man who vanished after being taken to the hospital. At first I suspected the sister of foul play but after speaking with her kids realized she was telling me the truth. You began to speak about UFOs and other dimensions later in life as possible explanations to your case. I wonder if it was a more down to Earth and sinister explanation like a government agency or some other group trying to silence Harry. I just don't know what to think about this one." Mike Jr sat in silence in the cemetery and then said a prayer. It was good to just talk these things out.

If there was a case that needed it, this was the one.
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Missing Chronicles: Uncle Harry (2 of 3)
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