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 The Evil That Men Do (1 of 2)

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PostSubject: The Evil That Men Do (1 of 2)   Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:20 pm

Det Stropper surveyed the crime scene and found himself sick to his stomach. The old woman lay in her bed with a look of terror on her face that he could not get out of his mind. She had been dead for over eight hours with no trauma to the body itself. She was literally scared to death. "Whoever he is, our killer is very strange. One day it is a strangling or a knifing and then he does something like this."

"Hey, we still don't know if all these killings are related. I don't want you even thinking about it until I get the proof I need. I don't want to cause a panic of a crazed serial killer out there. I do believe the past ten murders were committed by the same man or woman. Perhaps more than one, but no speculation until I have evidence. There are no fingerprints or footprints outside of the apartment. No witnesses other than an old man who saw a younger person helping the woman with her groceries. He saw the boy from the back so that doesn't help us." Det Stropper nodded for his partner to come with him while the forensics team did their jobs.

"This time, DNA isn't going to help us out. They are now too smart about things like that and wear latex gloves. I still don't think this is the work of a kid doing a prank, but we will have to interview all the area grocers and stores and their employees. Perhaps the kid does this for a few bucks or to pass the time. I just want to talk with him and ask a few questions as he was the last one to see the woman alive." Stropper went into the conference room that was now used for the crime scenes. He wrote down the description of the last one seen and noticed there was no real trend there either.

A middle aged woman, an older man, and many others from all walks of life were the last ones seen and usually from the back. "This could be a family of kooks doing this. They make sure the one member is seen by someone and reported to us." The buzzer rang and the desk sergeant informed Stropper the Commissioner and the Police Chiefs were waiting for a briefing.
"Look, Dennis. We need something to tell the press. I know this is one baffling case for you but they are crying serial killer and police coverup at every corner. Just give us something to keep them happy and we will stay off your backs. The mayors and the Governor herself want this one solved." Stropper looked at the stars and eagles on the shoulders of the older men crammed into his office. He stayed standing up out of respect, but had nothing at all to give them.

"I have thousands of pictures I stare at of all those crime scenes. I have descriptions of all the people who were last seen with the victims but not one has been found. I have no one method the killer or killers are using. And thanks to all of those procedural shows they are being careful not to even leave a strand of hair out there. I don't want to see serial killer just yet and I don't want to give a number yet. There is something that will break in the case and I will call each and every one of you to inform you of it. Promotions be damned, I have to solve this." The men nodded and shook Stropper's hand as they left.

The Commissioner gave Stropper his and the Governor's personal numbers to call first. Stropper acknowledged the man and thanked him for not screaming at him. "That is the movies and TV, Dennis. We all know it is not as simple as that. This case might not even be solved without any clues. Maybe we can find one of those who were last seen soon."

The phone rang and Stropper quickly answered it since he could not sleep. His wife was sleeping soundly as Stropper told the caller to wait until he got into the bathroom. "I hope this is good news and that you found something."

"Dennis, this is not a call you were probably expecting as it is I who is doing all of this mayhem. I just wanted to see how you were progressing on my murder case. I figured the last one would be a doozy for you." The voice sounded electronic which meant the killer was masking it. Dennis had never been called at home by a killer let alone at his work. That was one thing which only happened in the movies and on TV. "If this is some sort of prank, I will trace this call and throw your ass in jail myself. It is early in the morning and my wife and kids are sleeping. So tell me something about the case no one else knows or you are in some deep trouble."

"Yes, the doubt of who I am. Not a surprise really considering how by the book you are. The case with the young man who was strangled he was wearing a necklace with a Maltese Cross. The necklace was used to tie his hands in the back of his body. I know you never told that to the press." Dennis gulped as he really had the killer on the phone.

"So, what do we do now? Do you taunt me on who your next victim will be? Do you give me a baffling riddle as to your identity? How does this work as I have never been called by a perp before." The laughter was loud as the electronic voice assured Dennis this was no game. "I do want us to meet face to face, Dennis. I think you will be quite surprised at who I am. I will do one more killing and then tell you where we will meet at."

The phone went dead before Dennis could plead with the man to not kill again. Dennis then rinsed his face with water and stared at the wrinkled face looking back at him. Being a detective for homicide had taken its toll and Dennis was going to move on or even quit.

"So, no clue as to who he was or even if it was a man? How did he get your private cellphone number and how did he know it was you on the case as we have kept your department out of it since the murders are happening at other precincts." Dennis had no idea and wondered if one of the killer's family members worked in the department. "Then again, maybe paranoia is what he wants. We just have to figure he hacked into our files somehow and get on with the investigation. He said he will kill again before he asks to meet with me."

The Commissioner again wished Dennis good luck and thanked him for sharing the phone call. "Perhaps he wants publicity after all."
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The Evil That Men Do (1 of 2)
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