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 Inside the Real Area 51 by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt

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PostSubject: Inside the Real Area 51 by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt   Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:40 pm

Inside the Real Area 51 by Thomas J Carey and Donald R Schmitt

This is a real treat as it has many great witnesses and some surprising evidence in it to support the idea of extraterrestrial craft crashing down a few times. The two authors write about many first hand witnesses who saw the bodies, artifacts and even a living extraterrestrial. This was an interesting part but many of the stories were told before earlier. We do get updates by the authors on some of the witnesses and all the ones pertinent to this case are in the book.

The first really good piece of evidence deals with a newly found memo from the research department on the mystery memory metal dating late 1949. It does seem they were reverse engineering it at that time. (Memory metal would make its official debut on 1960 and has many uses in industrial, medical and communications. This is all because of a crashed disk at Roswell.)

The next shocking bit of evidence is the dental impression of a possible extraterrestrial done by a dentist in 1979. He was able to make another impression that was tucked away for over 30 years before being found again. Many anthropologists and other specialists have studied the imprints and state not only are they real but they do not come from any animal here on Earth (especially humans and primates). There is a photo of this item in the book and a great deal of information about it.

The one complaint we get from skeptics as well as some UFO enthusiasts is the lack of real evidence out there. Well, there is some trickling in and it is the sort of stuff we should be praising and sharing instead of ignoring.

A very well written book that should make a great addition to the club.

The next discussion should be: Where are the bodies and craft now if not at Wright Patterson (and not in Area 51 either)?
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PostSubject: Re: Inside the Real Area 51 by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt   Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:20 pm

I need to start book club back up. been in a back closet lately so to speak ;-)
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Inside the Real Area 51 by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt
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