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 Movie Star by Karl Kramer (2 of 2)

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PostSubject: Movie Star by Karl Kramer (2 of 2)   Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:08 pm

Jack sat by the warm fire on Sunday night waiting for the call or knock on the door. He knew there was a time difference but he remembered how specific Sofie Longford was when she told him when she would show up. "Next Sunday is perfect for me. You can get things going on your end and I will have it all taken care of here. I really look forward to this vacation. Maybe I can meet your boys as you talked about them a lot."

Oh, yes. The boys. I don't think they will be visiting here for a long time.
The boys were tumbling all over each other on the floor of the gym as Jack sat and watched. The coach blew his whistle and told the boys to hit the showers. He noticed Jack and waved at his friend. "I take it you are going to bring the boys home today. They practiced really good and we definitely can make it to the state finals." Jack walked into the locker room and asked his three sons to meet with him in the office for a private talk.

The boys now had worried looks on their faces as the oldest one Lance asked if something was wrong with Mom. Lance was 17 years old, tall and had blond hair so he took after his father. The other two had dark black hair and had their mother's eyes. "No, guys. It's nothing like that. I just need to tell you something private." The coach realized this was a family matter and went out to speak with the others so Jack could discuss the matter with his sons.

"Guys, I am going to be taking some time off from work and from the family. I want you to know it has nothing to do with you or your mother. I just need some time to think things through and I want you Lance to be the man of the house." Lance looked at his father and his look of worry turned into anger. "Dad, I'm not a little boy and neither is Frank and Bobby. Are you getting a divorce from Mom? You're never home and when we want to go somewhere you are always busy at work. We used to be a family and now it seems you are never there."

"Now, hang on there, Lance. I am not divorcing anyone. I just need time to think." Before Jack finished the three boys headed out to the showers. "Dad, we're going to walk home if you don't mind."
Veronica was not as lucky as her sons since Jack just left her a note. He went to the school to pick up the boys to tell them in person. The note was the same thing as Jack said he needed time to think. Veronica knew otherwise and crumpled the note up and threw it in the trash. She had been married for over twenty years and had to deal with all the military pomp and circumstance. She also left friends behind as the boys did every time Jack got orders which was often. Now he was leaving her with a Dear Jane letter.
The phone rang and Jack picked it up to only have it be one of the neighbors. "I just wanted to make sure you have enough firewood as it is going to be cold the next few days. I heard you just got in and might not of had enough time to chop up some for yourself and the Missus." Jack thanked the man and told him he was fine for the cold weather.

Jack then called up Sofie to find out if she had left already. A man's voice answered and he asked who it was. "Colonel Jack Cooper. I'm the one who gave Sofie the tour on that airplane a week ago. She was supposed to meet me at the cabin and I'm wondering if she is OK or if she left yet."

"No, she is right here. Let me get her." Jack then heard a few muffled voices before Sofie picked up the line. "Who is this again?" Jack just froze as Sofie didn't recognize his voice. He had been a fool to his family.

"Oh, you're that really nice man who I flirted with and told me to take a vacation instead of just quitting. I'm taking your advice and am running off with my new fourth husband so we can have a real honeymoon. I've always loved Richard and he has had a crush on me since grade school. He's the man you spoke to on the phone." Before Jack could say anything Sofie gave the phone back to Richard.

"Yeah, I want to thank you for what you said to Sofie. She was letting them run her life and now gets to have some time for herself. She still will be filming the movies, but there will be less publicity stunts. You are a really good man, Colonel Jack."
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Movie Star by Karl Kramer (2 of 2)
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