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 Tillie's Turkey Day by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: Tillie's Turkey Day by Karl Kramer   Tillie's Turkey Day by Karl Kramer I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 28, 2013 4:05 pm

Tillie's Turkey Day by Karl Kramer 1

Tillie was a flapper and enjoyed life to the max. She went to the speakeasy all the time and even got a job singing there. Tillie loved the men and women who showed up to have a good time and would run out the back during the police raid that was known in advance. Tillie had a family of her own and they disapproved of much of what she did. But they kept quiet as Tillie didn't talk about speakeasies or singing. Thanksgiving was coming up and Tillie stopped by her Auntie Myrtle's house to ask what she needed to bring for the dinner. Tillie was always ill at ease during this time, but it was for family and she loved her parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents who were still around.

"Sorry Tillie, but you're not welcome this time. I think your antics at that rather disgusting place of sin speaks for itself. I was told by your parents if you showed up we were to show you the door and lock it." Auntie Myrtle had a grimace on her face as she stared at Tillie. Tillie smiled and mumbled she didn't want to show up anyways. Tillie decided to head to the speakeasy where old Mort was the barkeep and partial owner. The mob actually owned the place but gave Mort a part for his running it and turning a nice profit.

"It will be quiet here, Tillie. Some lonely men and women show up for a few drinks but most of the entertainment like you have families to go home to. You're welcome to have a few drinks with them, but it is kind of depressing." Tillie then looked at Mort and laughed. "Mort, why not have a huge Thanksgiving dinner here? I mean there are many old folks who got no one and that boarding school has many of those kids whose parents want nothing to do with them. We can have a huge celebration here. I know you can cook a few items and so can I." Mort nodded yes and smiled as he put away his glasses.

"I guess we can. I have nothing else planned either."
The school was drab as the girls sat down and seemed bored with nothing to do. Tillie knocked on their window and they opened it up to ask what she wanted. "How would you girls like to have a huge Thanksgiving feast with me and my lonely friends? I bet you smiled and told your schoolmates you didn't mind staying here but deep inside you wanted to beg them to take you home. I spoke to the boys at the brother school and they are going to all be there. I also need help cooking some food. The boys are going to help some older people get to the place."

"Look lady, we don't know who you are and would probably be bored there. We also can't see boys unless there is a chaperone. Besides, the Dorm Mommy watching us would never allow it." Tillie smiled as she whistled and the woman who was in charge of watching the girls showed up. "Come on, girls! Do you really want to eat the crummy food at this joint for a Thanksgiving meal? I won't tell if you don't!"
The boys were helping an older couple to their seats as Tillie checked on the food cooking in the back. The girls were giggling and talking about which boy was the cutest as Tillie made sure they also paid attention to the food. Mort was going back and forth getting applejack for the customers who were now smiling and talking and even dancing. "I don't know if the big guy would like it that kids are here, but this is quite fun. I don't have a family now, but this feels like one to me."

"Considering this place is illegal, I doubt the big guy who owns this will care, Mort. He will see some money and that is all that matters to him." Tillie then went out and sang a few songs before having everyone get at the table for a small prayer. They then began to eat and it was better than what Tillie would of had at her Auntie Myrtle's house. These people liked her and didn't judge her.

"Since we are having such a great time, why not have Christmas here?" Mort smiled as the others raised their glasses in cheer.

To all of the strangers, it was family. To Tillie, it was love.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas
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Tillie's Turkey Day by Karl Kramer
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