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 St Nicholas

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PostSubject: St Nicholas   Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:53 pm

St Nikolaos of Myra decided to pay a visit to Earth and see how his namesakes were doing in the name of a holiday for families, friends and those who were forgotten. While he was an early Christian, he knew the holiday took from many other beliefs in the spirit of celebration. Winter was coming and it was a good way to have feasts on foods that otherwise might rot or go to waste. The old storage buildings could only hold so much food and livestock especially if the winter was brutal. People feasted now as they were going to fast during the harsh times.

But those days were now long gone in the modern era of freezers, heaters and air conditioned animal pens. St Nikolaos also loved how his personality was one of many used to create Santa Claus or St Nick. Whether it was him or some Pagan Gods such as Odin or Saturn, the spirit of giving and helping others who were less fortunate was what mattered. Nikolaos decided to work as a Santa for a large store to see how the children reacted. He went to see the human resources manager who looked at him and then shook her head no.

"Sorry, but Santa has a lighter complexion than you do. I don't think we want to confuse the children." Nikolaos laughed at first and found the woman was serious. "You do realize I am I mean Santa is originally based on St Nikolaos who lived in what is now Turkey. They are rather dark skinned peoples although there are a few blond haired people around. I wasn't I mean St Nikolaos wasn't one of them." The woman than pointed to a thin man putting on a pillow and whispered he was their hire on anyway.

Nikolaos didn't like to use his abilities to harm or cause mischief, but he wanted to be Santa for a day so he caused the man to fall down in a dead sleep. "He can go on, but maybe after he sleeps off his Christmas cheer and eggnog." The woman was about to get on the phone until the floor manager rushed in. "Tell Santa to get his drunk fat ass upstairs as those monsters are getting restless. These brats really do deserve coal in their stockings and a switch under the tree."

Nikolaos put on the outfit and the woman handed him the pillow. "I was never obese..." he stopped and put on the pillow to go and meet the children.
The chubby boy walked up to Nikolaos and began reading his list of things he wanted. "Now, no giving one thing to me and telling me to share it with my brother. Get him his own toys." Nikolaos asked the boy what his parents wanted and the kid laughed. "Listen, I know you aren't the real deal so I'll let this one slide. Make sure he gets the list or I will scream and say you bit me."

After seeing many spoiled and rather obese children, Nikolaos took off the phony beard and the pillow. "Listen, I have heard a bunch of spoiled little brats all beg me for the latest toy, game or whatever they have going on now. Not one asked for anything for their parents or siblings. Plus, you can and should put them on a diet." The parents began to yell and demand he be fired on the spot.

"I am the real St Nikolaos and I decided to visit this world to see how things are going. I thought my times were brutal but they all had spirit and would help others. You just write a check to some charity where they keep most of the money for administrative costs and feel good about yourselves. Have you actually been to a soup kitchen? Have you actually visited a home for the elderly to meet those with no families? Have you been to a group home with boys and girls who don't have parents?

"No, you haven't. But you will spend hundreds of dollars on toys and gadgets just to keep your kids quiet. I have not heard the word no used and meant here. Perhaps it is time to do so. Perhaps it is time to start using the old switch on some rather fat hides." Nikolaos started to walk off and a worker stopped him.

"You are at the wrong place, mister. I don't know if you are the real St Nick or not, but a higher end store like this gets the rather snobby people in no matter how much many they have or don't have. Why not walk the streets and meet with average Joes like me who do care and do help out others. Don't base your judgment on one store or group of people." Nikolaos thanked the man and decided to go out and see people who were in need.

"This modern world has so much going for it and so much against it. People need to take time to go outside and see what is going on. They need to turn off their television sets and look at the decorations out there. They need to visit that relative who had no children and make them feel like one of the family. I also need to help find ways to make things more spiritual instead of materialistic. It is not about receiving or even giving, it is about love, family and friends."

Marry Christmas!
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St Nicholas
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