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 Tanya Donelly for 01/31/2012

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PostSubject: Tanya Donelly for 01/31/2012   Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:16 am

1993 -1995 Tanya Donelly was a member of a band named "Belly" and helped form a band named "The Breeders" with Kim Deal. 1993 she won a grammy for a song called "Feed the Tree." She has since went solo as 1997 and has a lovely assortment of songs since. This one is featured off of her second solo album. A lovely album that took 4 years to finish. In 2001 it was released. "Beautysleep"

This song is special to me called "The Night You Saved My life."


cd has a gorgeous song that is a hidden track called "the Shadow" her voice isn't for everyone. She is one of my favorite people though.
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Tanya Donelly for 01/31/2012
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