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 Moth Family pt. 3

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PostSubject: Moth Family pt. 3   Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:01 pm

INTERVIEWER ON TV: When was the moment you knew your husband most likely would never be seen again?

Woman: I think it was when the detectives found his truck he had an old box of tools he always kept in the back of et' en' well- it was then and there I knew something had happened. I knew Sammy would never just'n run off like that. It wasn't like him. I know my husband.

INTERVIEWER: Today Sam Thompson is still missing. It wasn't until 2005 that the Detectives on the case in Saint Louis got a break in the case. When Detective Briggs got an anonymous call from what seemed a teenager he grew concerned and wondered if it could be hoax. When they followed up on the lead they got that and a whole lot more.

ANNOUNCER: When we return Sam Thompson's nephew has a lot to be worried about.
(TV flashes to young girl) I knew my cousin pretty well and I believed him when he said my dad was murdered by his best friend. That he had seen it happen.)

Amy turned off the television and just stared into space. She knew how that family had felt given her dad had been missing five days now. Why she bothered to even watch "ON THE CASE NOW" is beyond her. Was she trying to torture herself?

Sheriff Bill had been at the house non-stop to see how her Mom, Sam and she were holding up. Amy knew her mom couldn't come completely clean with the investigation disappearance of her dad. It would call attention to the entire MOTH Clan. We would all end up getting taken away and mom would most likely go to jail on account of the cops thinking she had something to do with it. Amy went to bed and curled up in the fetal position. She cried silently knowing her dad could be dead like that girls dad on television.

Amy could not sleep the hours ticked by and she lay silently there barely making a sound just staring at the window and the stars in the sky. Just then she heard a thump. And then it again. The hair stood up on her neck as she slowly raised from her bed and walked toward her bedroom window. He peeked out of the window and at first did not see anything. Then a rock hit the window. She jumped back and then realized it was her brother. Moths had amazing senses of smell and eyesight at night. She raised up her window and looked down 18 ft to the ground where Sam, his friend Tommy, and his friend James all stood. James and Tommy were her brother's best friends all two years older than she. Tommy was short and muscular and played sports. He was also one of the only black kids around town. He was also a Moth. Just from a different clan up North. James was always in trouble it seemed like. He was very handsome. He had jet black hair. Dark dark brown eyes and very tan. He resembled a super model. Amy had always thought he was cute but James had been dating one of the Senior girls for the last two years on and off. He played football and had a nice body. His family owned half the town and he was a bit loved by all the girls in school. He played football and was the homecoming king. But Amy didn't get why after James opened his mouth anyone would even talk to him.

His mom was from Mexico and his dad was from Boston. He thought he was some sort of latin lover. Amy couldn't stand him. He was also from a Moth Clan back east.

"Hey Sis' get down here!"

"What is going on Sam?"

"Damn it just do as your told. Fly down now before I send James and Tommy to get you!"

I took one look at the smirk on James' face and didn't even hesitate. I shifted into Moth mode and down I went. I landed on my bare feet and it hurt a little.

"Hey now that we are all here...I need you help." said Sam.

"Sam what the hell is going on? Why am I standing here outside whispering to you in my pajamas?" she was really thinking in front of James.

"Tommy saw dad."

"What?" I looked at Tommy. "Is it true? You saw him - where is he?"

"We aren't sure." said James "It isn't that easy. That is why we need your help. Together we can pull our psychic abilities together and see as one eye. We partner up either by tapping each others shoulders or hold hands while we fly." he ended with a smirk.

"What are you guys high?" I asked making sure Sam wasn't smoking anything. I leaned in and smelled his cloths to be sure.

"Yes I am sure. Jesus doesn't anyone talk to you about our abilities?"

"Like who Sam, Mom? or our sister?"

"Point taken.. look you are going to go with James and scan this area over on the other side of the Ponds River. Tommy and I will break up and go North and South on this side."

I looked at Sam and then back to James. This wasn't happening.

I was almost shy about shifting into Moth mode. I felt so ugly after I transformed. When James transformed I looked at his bare chest. Concentrate Amy. She told herself. Concentrate. This is James - and James annoys you. Must focus. Focus. James watched her intently as she shape shifted. She looked like a fairy compared to everyone else. The looked menacing and scary. She looked like Tinkerbell- only with dark eyes and hair.

"Take my hand." said James when they got out of earshot of Sam and Tommy.

I was confused but by the look on his face but I did as told. I knew he meant business. I took his hand and suddenly we were in the air flying- but as one giant bird like moth. Once I caught my breath I did not have to look at him our minds connected instantly. I could feel his emotions and read his mind and with me he could do the same. It was such a strange pleasant feeling. There was a warmth in my mind. It was like he was imprinting on me somehow. I was so in awe but once we linked our powers grew 6x that of what we normally would have. It was in that moment I felt my father. I could see my father. He was tied up in a cave while some gruesome owl looking thing hovered over him.

I knew then and there my father would die unless we saved him. James held on to me tighter as we approached the cave. When we landed inside the cave he let go of my hand and I felt so empty. It was like a loneliness I had never felt. Part of me was now inside of him. James looked at me and a weird concerned look welled over his face. I did not know if it were because he felt the same things I did or if he was generally concerned for my father. Either way we could now hear him and smell him. He was trying to untie himself when we found him.

"Dad!" I yelled not thinking I should not be yelling. I was too overcome with emotion.

"Amy. Oh thank god. Untie me please."

"Shh you hear that?" said James to both me and my father.

"They are on their way back. Hurry get this rope off my feet and give me a hand up."

We did as my father asked and before he could resume position something with talons grabbed me and carried me off into the darkness of the cave.

I could hear it above me. It smelled awful and the pain in my shoulders was excruciating.

Suddenly I felt myself being torn away from this creature and I could see my father or at least some version of my father. His wings were at least a 10 foot wingspan. He had grabbed the creature and flung it against the cave wall. I landed in a muddy pile of dirt and plants on the other side of where we came in at. I landed on my back and luckily it was soft. I could see another opening in the cave and I knew if I shifted quickly I could make my way to freedom. I shifted and got up. Suddenly the terror and anger swept over me. Where before when I had been grabbed I was still in my human form. Now I was angry and mad. I saw the owl thing flying above me. I saw it suddenly get grabbed by three moths. My brother and Tommy were now with us inside the cave. They grabbed one and were tossing it against the walls of the cave. The were quite scary from where I was but I was too angry to care. I wanted blood - killing those creatures was the only thing that would make my normally passive personality happy. Before I could leap up I felt James and suddenly I was warm again. I was happy again. Holding onto him was like dying and going to heaven. I was in better control of my emotions. I was stronger in every way. I was able to see things so clearly.

I went with James and we flew out of the cave. The stars were beautiful and the sound of the water of Ponds River beneath us was so alluring I did not want to think of the horrors before me.

I turned back and saw my father and the boys were behind us now. One stray owl creature flew away in the distance. It was over for now.


The following day Sheriff Bill was at our door. My father made up a story that he had lost his cell phone and had been fishing by the river and got turned around in the woods. That he had been lost for the last few days. Sheriff Bill never questioned why my dad wasn't dehydrated or hurt or showing signs of exhaustion.

Life as I knew it was in a sense back to normal. As it turned out my father knew about these owl creatures. They were similar to us and in search of some sort of "forever life sustaining magic vial" that would keep them owls. Apparently it was rumored the head of the Moths in our area had it or had invented it. Being now my dad was the head of our little tribe he was the one they took. After the attack I was glad I did not have to see them any more.

My father had told us all it was not full proof. More would likely come as now a war had begun between the two species. I tried to put that night behind me. I wanted to be like my sister and not be a shape shifting Mothster. My grandfather made the news back in the day in Point Pleasant. He had felt it a great pain and felt a great need to warn the towns folk of the doom that was going to come to them. We had the gift of second sight. We had magic in our bones. We had great power and with great power came great responsibility. I knew now we were special. Yet, I couldn't help but think it was stupid that someone would want to smell and look that bad forever. Not even be able to shapeshift back into a human form just be a creepy owl creature - forever.

One thing was certain though - things at school had changed considerably. Tabitha now once my mortal enemy was my best friend. Apparently she had wanted to be but was so jealous she had not been able to overcome it till I mind zonked her. She was still annoying as hell but I knew she was a good person. And then there was James.

James gave me these weird looks now. I had no idea why but there was something we could not place between us now.

I was standing by my locker after school and waiting on Tabitha to finish an art project. She was so excited about being picked by our teacher to be in the art showing that she wanted me to see it first today after school.

I stood by the locker and waited. Just then I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was James.

"Hey book worm shouldn't you be home by now?" he asked me.

"Book worm? No just waiting on Tabitha."

"Oh so you coming to my party this coming weekend? I'll have beer and some dudes are playing in their band."

I became annoyed by his "look at me richy rich attitude." I remembered why I never cared for him. Rich kid always flaunting himself.

"I am not really into beer and parties.. being a book worm and all." I said looking at him.

"Whatever. Don't act all innocent with me. I know you now. We synced and it is sort of like being intimate. I know you Amy. You aren't what you seem. Hell I'm not what I seem either."

"Syncing? That is what you call it? "

"Haven't you ever synced with anyone before?" he started to laugh. "I've done it plenty of times. "

I looked up at him and there was that repulsion returning. "I bet you have James I bet you have."

"Naw c'mon Amy I didn't mean it like that. Your brother and I have many times. But with him it's different. Like twin bros or something. "

"Um gross.." I said where the hell was Tabitha. This was torture.

"It wasn't like when we you know..I dunno you're different." he said looking awkward which I found odd considering his brutish personality.

"Excuse me?" I said wrinkling my brow.

"Nevermind. Can't do this here." he tapped my shoulder and I felt weird again. He was so sorry for the way he had treated me before. We were syncing then. How was this even possible to get inside of someone's soul so easily?

"No..I'm sorry." I looked up into his dark dark eyes. They looked like black mirrors and were actually beautiful.

"I'm sorry too about all those other times I was mean to you because you were just Sam's little sister. Shit .. want to go out sometime?" He let go of my arm as if he were trying to stable himself.

"Yes." I said not believing what I was hearing myself say.


Just then Tabitha came out of the art classroom. It was my cue to go.


The following weekend which just so happened to be the day before James' big party. James and I had our first "Moth" date. That is only how I could describe it. He was pleasant. The only thing was he deliberately did not touch me. I felt bad sitting next to him in the car ride home. The whole thing had been completely quiet. We had what I would call the cliche date. He opened doors for me, was respectful didn't keep me out too late. Talked of the weather and our interests. It was nothing like I thought it would be.

The following day Tabitha called me and together we had agreed to go to the party together. My bookworm life had turned into a fast paced social life.

It was at James party that I finally understood the meaning behind all of this.

James had ignored me the entire night. I couldn't believe Tabitha went to these parties all the time. Some of her other friends were there so we mingled. Sam was there but he pretended not to know me. Big brother and all. Too weird to see his baby sister at the same party. Even though I was going to be 16 on my up coming birthday. I didn't care though. For some reason I was okay with being ignored. I had had too much attention focused on me lately and I was glad to not have to share the spotlight with everyone else. Creeping in the shadows was fine with me. What supernatural creature doesn't enjoy living in the shadows? I smiled to myself. Just then Tabitha tapped me on the shoulder. Clearly she was drunk.

She was also my driver. Great I thought now what?

Tabitha was laughing and carrying on with me and I had no clue what she was going on about. I just stood there watching her. She grabbed my arm suddenly and pulled me to the ground with her. I feel directly onto my elbow. It hurt like hell and I was so mad at this point I just wanted to go home. When I got up I grabbed her and her shirt went up a bit and I saw an Owl tattoo on her hip. I looked at her laughing face staring up at me.

"C'mon Tabitha. Time to go."

"No c'monnna Amster. Let's stay. Please don't make me go home."

I looked around it was like I had sent out a distress signal. I began to sweat just thinking about that tattoo on Tabitha. James and Sam both came over to us.

"Everything okay sis?" asked Sam finally wiping off that smirk he had on his face.

"Um.."I looked at Tabitha who now was on the ground passed out.

"Oh don't worry about it. She does this every time." said James laughing.

"Not just that though..." I said motioning my head toward her tattoo.

James was still smirking.. "Let's just put her away."

He carried her to his spare bedroom and there was a part of me that was slightly jealous of him being so concerned over her. Had they dated I wondered.

James came back after shutting the door. He suddenly grabbed my hand and dragged me with him back outside. This time we kept on walking. We went past all the party goers and then out into the drive. Once we were in the street he pulled me close to him and kissed me.

I felt fluttery. I couldn't breath and didn't care if I ever did again.

He stopped and brushed a piece of hair from my forehead. "I just wanted to make sure."


He grabbed my hand and dragged me across the street toward the woods by Ponds River. I had not the sense to be alarmed at this point. Nor did I even care.

Once there he kissed me again and then began laughing. He grabbed my face with his hands and I was so confused I couldn't blink. I must have looked so stupid standing there.

He reached over and lifted his shirt a bit and I could see a moth tattoo on his rib cage. I thought it strange. Even more strange when he said to me "Lift up your shirt."

"What? What kind of girl do you think I am?" with that he grabbed my shirt and did it for me. He and I had the exact same tattoo. Both on our rib cage. He began to laugh at me.

"Sorry about kissing you. I just had to know if you were my mate."

"Your what? Do you even realize how friggin' creepy that sounds?"

"Oh I do and can you explain our tattoos suddenly appearing after that first night we touched?"

"Um I don't.."

"I'm your protector Amy. Tribal Moth rules. If you sync with someone- even as stupid as it sounds- once you sync and you get those tattoos- you are mated. Like a memory game. Two pairs identified by the tattoos. My grandpa used to tell me stories all the time. But I thought it would happen when I was like 40! I'm just grateful it didn't happen with your brother." he joked.

"My protector?"Once again I was annoyed. What could I possibly need protecting from.

"Tabitha is an owl Amy. You were able to mind zonk her because of it. They are a lower species. It doesn't work with regular species. Now that we synced I know everything about you. And soon you will know things about me. Even stuff I'd rather not want you to know."

"Wow." I said trying to take it all in.

"It's not a bad thing."

"Yes it is!" I was angry suddenly. I felt like I was being married off to a stranger like some arranged marriage. And to this jerk. It all made sense now. How was I even to know my feelings were even real? It was probably some stupid moth mumbo jumbo. Either way I hated it. But one thing was true. Tabitha being an owl. That prospect scared me. Could she be trusted?

"Amy, stop thinking so much. You are kinda hurting my head. Besides there isn't anything you can do about it. We are stuck like glue. I mean you think I want to be mated at 17? Eww gross. I haven't even went to college yet. No conquests - none of it. You have my soul Amy. Amy- you have ALL OF ME! Most women would kill to be in your shoes! Like a permanent tracker on your husband at all times. Complete with MIND CONTROL AND MIND READING!"

"Oh my god just shut up!" I ran toward the house and asked Sam to take me home.

In the car I stewed about what he had said to me.

"Amy I know I'm like your brother and all, but he isn't lying about his feelings. I knew the second that he got back from rescuing dad that something was different."

"Good for him." I said still annoyed.

"I know he isn't lying because let's face it. You aren't even his type..."

"Wow. Aren't you supposed to be my brother?"

"Not trying to be mean. Just a fact. He likes girls like Tabitha and Beverly Wyoming. Bookworms and gothy girls aren't his type. No offense but he never realized you were my sister till the other night."

"Wow again.. thanks.. "

"Amy.." Sam stopped the car. "I'm actually kind of jealous of you both. I mean I'm going to college next fall and what if I don't ever meet my sync mate till after I'm like married with kids.. at least you already know. We moths are different. That's all I'm gona say.."

"Just take me home Sam. I'm tired. And make sure Tabitha gets home okay.."


Following week at school I received an "Im Sorry"card on my locker every day. By the following week it was a rose. Every day I got a rose or a card in the garbage they went.

Sometimes I gave them to Tabitha for fun. This kept on for months. When Sam and James graduated I had my 16th birthday. I was still getting letters from James he would write about being 17 and living on his own at college. He would ask me how my Junior year was going and I would never write back. This went on and on. By Sweetest Day I figured I'd come home to an extra large bouquet. Instead it all just stopped. No letters, no James.

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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 3   Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:10 am

Now that is some serious writing! Very good and kept my interest. I do think we will read much more about this family.
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Dragon Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 3   Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:08 am

Thank you. I had some time while I was not feeling well so I finally posted it yesterday. I couldn't stop writing for some reason. Like something took over! bounce

Probably the boredom.
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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 3   Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:26 am

There are a few stories in my head that will be coming to life here soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 3   Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:48 am

cyclops EXCITED!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 3   

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Moth Family pt. 3
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