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 Moth Family pt. 4

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PostSubject: Moth Family pt. 4   Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:45 am

Part 4.
I sat in my room looking around. Why did I care if James wrote me anymore? It wasn’t like I cared. He was only imprinted on me because of some creepy family tree thing. I left my book bag by the door when I came in from school. I remembered and went to get it. As I walked down my long staircase I felt a very sick feeling in my gut. I had no idea why I felt so sick.
All of a sudden I heard a knock at my front door. I looked through the peep hole. It was Tabitha. She looked mad about something. I couldn’t forget her owl tattoo I had seen over a year before, but everything seemed very normal with her.
I opened the door and she walked in very quickly.
“Oh my god I hate boys.” She was crying.
“Oh what happened?”
“I got a text message from Andrew he wants us to see other people! Can you believe that jerk?” she sat down on my stairs and started to cry again.
“I’m sorry. Men are jerks.” I said to her.
I was not feeling well and it was as though I was tapping into her depressed emotions. I couldn’t help it. Here she was crying and balling her eyes out and I was ready to hurl.

“OH thanks for being here for me Amy. You have no idea how much it means to me right now.”
“You need a coffee or a tea or coke?” I asked growing very sick.
“Um sure. Thanks.”
I wasted no time I ran into the kitchen and as soon as I walked into it I began to feel better. I grabbed two frosted mugs and a 2 liter of coke. I poured us both a glass and walked in to where she was seated. But she was not there.
“Tabitha?” I looked around holding my two mugs.
“Here.” Said a low voice
I began to get very creeped out and I was very worried something was causing me to do my switcheroo. I had not shape shifted since my last encounter with the Owls. It had been over 8 months.
I dropped the mugs to the floor and before I could retrieve the broken glass I shifted. Damn it! I said to myself. Surely I have to have more control over my body than this!
I dropped to the floor my body was shifting so quickly and this time I did not appear as fairy like as before. This time my arms became muscular and it hurt to breathe. I grew at least a foot taller than I was before. My chin jutted out in a disgusting form and my head spread I now looked like one of those praying mantis creatures in an alien movie from the 50’s. I looked at myself in the mirror by our front door and in my reflection I could see the darkness of my eyes glowing blood red. The pain subsided and I turned to face my visitor. I was almost worried for Tabitha. Had something happened to her?
Then I saw it. She was white as snow. Her face pale and feathered and her blue eyes white. She had shifted into a white owl creature.
Her voice was low and scared. “oh I’m so sorry Amy. Now you know the truth and-“
When she looked up from the floor she saw me. Now she knew about me too.
With one start she went for me. I quickly flew to the ceiling and avoided her attack, but what I did not realize was that she was not going to attack me. She wanted to touch me to see if it were real.
“NO AMY! It’s okay..” she said to me in an almost demonic voice.
“YOU are an owl!” my voice slithered back
“I know..you are a moth?”she said almost shocked.
I looked at her distrusting myself in her presence.
“I shifted because I am around you and you are an owl!”
“I shifted because I was so over come with emotion..I won’t hurt you Amy. Please you are my friend.”
I looked at her and went closer. She wasn’t like the others. There was a kindness in her eyes. I backed down and stood above her.
“Now what?” I asked
“Shift back.”
“I can’t Tabitha you an owl.. you have to first!”
By now it was getting almost like a slap stick comedy.
“Okay we can do this..”
“Stop thinking about Andrew and concentrate!”
“I am trying!” she said
Finally my form began to shift back normally. She looked at me and her face grew dark again. She was tan and blonde again.
“WOW!” she exclaimed after it was over.
“Wow what? Owls and Moths don’t get a long”
“Not true. Some owls don’t. Some owls are evil. There is a clan – the black sheep of the clan that live over the river. They are not part of my family’s clan.”
“Yes. This area is known for it’s creatures. You are one of us, Amy.”
“I’m no owl.” I said sternly to her.
“Not an owl. Just one of the good creatures of the night.”
“Owls kidnapped my father and tried to kill me!”
“Again, not my clan.”
“How can I trust you?”
“Because you can control me. Owls are servants of the moths. It has been for centuries. We are indebted to you because of Moths saving our species during the burning of the witch trials. We are forever your servants. The other owls are break away mischief makers. They didn’t like our kind serving Moths. They want to eradicate you and us all. I promise Amy. You are my friend.”
I felt bad and hugged her and she laughed.
“Oh…” I said rolling my eyes.
“I saw him in your head just now. I can read your thoughts sometimes. Especially now that you put that mind zap on me. I had no idea you were a moth till then. You didn’t control me at all. Just so you know. “

“How is it you never said anything?”
“I wasn’t sure. I felt like if I asked then I would be revealing my own shape shifting abilities and I was scared you may not be my friend anymore. I saw James in your thoughts. You like him Amy. You like him more than you think.” She said in her bubbly way.
“I don’t want to talk about James. Oh crap look at this broken glass!”
“Here I’ll help you clean it up..”

A few hours later my parents were home and Tabitha stayed for dinner. She was completely over the incident with Andrew. Now she had found out we were shifters. We now had something in common more than anyone else at school. There was a new level of trust I felt toward Tabitha. It felt nice not to be the class shrew any longer.

I was laying in bed one night just before Thanksgiving and there was a strange noise outside.
I went to the window and opened it.
I did not feel or see anything. Then without warning I was knocked out.
When I awoke from being unconscious I was in a small space near that owl cave. I did not shift. Something was terribly wrong. I was sitting down trying to find a source of light to show me what was around me. All of a sudden I saw them. There were three of the creepiest owl creatures I had ever seen. They had these big black saucer eyes and light brown feathers. They were not humanoids at all. I was not sure they were shape shifters. I was now alone, I could not shape shift and no one could hear my screams when they killed me.
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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 4   Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:00 pm

It is fun to leave cliffhangers for us readers. I am still tying up the loose ends of my story arc before I start another one.
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Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 4   Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:49 pm

I think I will only have one part left
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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 4   

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Moth Family pt. 4
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