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 Moth Family pt. 5

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Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord

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PostSubject: Moth Family pt. 5   Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:22 pm

Pt 5

Darkness clouded my view and I was so scared I could not move. I looked up at the owls and without even any warning one of them grabbed me and threw me over it’s shoulder.
I wanted to run or hide or shift but I could not. I tried to move but could not. What was wrong with me? Why could I not change? Before I knew it I was being tied to a table and there was another darker figure in the corner of this make-shift room in the cave. There was a small blue light coming from the corner and it looked like some sort of dissection room. My fears were realized when the taller darker figure got closer to me. He looked down at me with his eyes totally black and ready to cut into me with some sort of scalpel. I screamed as loud as I could. The violation I was about to endure was more than anyone could take. I fainted before I could feel the horrible pain of my brain being cut into.
I awoke in my own bed. I sat straight up in bed and looked around. Maybe I just had a really bad dream. I looked by the window. Tabitha was sitting by the window and she was not facing me. Her right arm was covered in blood. She looked like she had been crying.
“OH Amy..you are alive. Thank God.” She said in a faint voice.
“What happened?”
“The Owl clan tried to take your head off. They wanted to see what made you – a moth different from me, them and other Moths. OH Amy…” she started to cry.
“I’m okay. Stop crying.” I tried to get out of bed but I could not feel my lower body. I looked down at my feet. I was paralyzed from the waist down.
“I’m so sorry Amy. Luckily I could feel your heart beat. I was awoken out of a dead sleep from your screams. I found you and when I got there James and your father had found you and were trying to fend them off. They burnt the owls they are dead.”
“Oh well that is good..” I said quivering a little.
“Your dad is fine. He left me with you to protect you in case more come. They wanted to kill you to find out why you have power over them. They want your power. And I’m so sorry Amy, but James is dead.”
The words took a second to register. When they did my heart felt very bad. I couldn’t breathe and all of a sudden I passed out again. This time I was out for more than a week. I had apparently went into a coma. A doctor from up North who specialized in Moths came to take care of me. I could not go to a regular hospital as so not to run the risk of being found out how different I really was. I never wanted to care for James. But knowing he was there for me made me care more but now he was gone.
When I did finally come to my body could no longer shift. It was like it shut down access to anything supernatural. There was a death inside of me. Something was no longer alive in me. Some could say it was a broken heart. I wouldn’t call it that. I had to be in love for it to be a broken heart. What replaced my heart was something darker. I hate a hatred for anything Moth related.
As the weeks went by I was finally able to walk. Apparently they hurt a spinal chord when the Owls cut into my back. That was why I could not walk. But one thing remained in me the ability to heal and heal fast. Tabitha was with me all the time trying to make sure I was protected. It was beginning to wear on her. I could see it. She too was changed. I was getting thinner and never felt like eating. In a way I wanted to be dead. There was no way to describe how I felt learning my so-called other half was gone from me.
One afternoon on my walk home from school I took a different route so Tabitha could not follow me. The endless and constant watching me was getting on my nerves. I felt bad that she felt so compelled to be at my side every waking hour she could muster. I no longer felt like it mattered what became of me. If I were to die then so be it.
I took a new route behind an old block with some creepy alleyways. I passed our town shops from the back of the stores as opposed to being seen in the front. I was walking past our local new age shop when I heard a woman’s voice. You must kill it to save him…
I turned to look and saw no one. Now my mind was playing tricks on me. Great was this how I was to live the rest of my life?
You must kill it to save him..waketh young one and fly home…
I turned into the door of the new age shop and there was a woman standing at the counter not looking at me or anything. She had her head down making beaded jewelry.
“You say something?”
“I’m sorry?” she looked up at me and I noticed one of her eyes was blue and one of them was black. I wanted to run out of the shop but for some reason I stayed.

“You lost someone…” she said looking into my face.
“I don’t …know. I guess.”
She smiled kindly and her long curly blondish red hair spiraled out of control on the top of her slender frame. She went to grab some stones from the other side of the shop and laid them in front of me. “Here let’s take a look.”
“What are these supposed to do?”
“You will see.” She said smiling.
Suddenly they rose from the table on their own and spun around and around until it created a mini vortex. Inside the spinning vortex was a murky cloud forming. Inside the cloud were the events that had unfolded in my life. Then the image of James appeared. I had not seen him in such a long time one glance I felt my heart beating faster.
“Holy mother grant this young child’s wish..give forth the light unto the dark and show her truth and love.”
Suddenly I saw a fat owl creature and I grimaced. Seeing them again made me feel like I had some sort of post traumatic disorder.
Then I saw myself killing this fat disgusting creature and it releasing James from inside it.
I knew then I had to find James. He was not dead. I knew then what I must do.
When I left the shop I went out the front door and standing outside was Tabitha.
“I’m sorry..I just needed a break Tabitha.”
“Well..what if you had gotten killed or kidnapped?”
“I didn’t..Look I need to do something. I will need your help.”
I told her about what the lady had conveyed to me.
She took one look at me and shook her head.
“NO. Not happening!”
“Tabitha, I really feel like this is something I have to do.”
“What if she was lying because she was an owl clan member?”
“What else do I have to lose?”
“Fine but you are not going alone.”
“I have to. My dad and mom will not let me go.”
“Not him either. I have to do this alone.”
“Oh well Miss Noble you are not going alone. I will help you. You have no powers.”
“Isn’t there something I can do?”
“Find your power within Amy. You have it. But you stopped. “
I would find it if it was the last thing I did on this earth. We made plans to go that night. Once our parents were in bed we would return to the burnt out cave and find the master Owl. That is what I referred to him as – the Master Owl. He was bigger than the others. I felt he fed off the other’s energy like a psychic vampire. That is what they were trying to do to us.
So by night fall we had our weapons packed and we were ready to go. I put an old ceremonial knife in my back pack. I took some first aid stuff with me and I dressed in combat mode.
“We should have been armed with guns..”
“Tabitha..really? As fast as we supernaturals heal what would a gun do?”

“Well smart ass what is a knife going to do?”
I laughed and away we went.
When we got to the cave I felt uneasy. Something was not right. Tabitha shifted into her pretty nice owl I thought of shifting but nothing would happen. That is when I heard it.
I could hear in the distance above the forest cave and the trees a faint screech. It was somewhere between a dog bark and a hawk. We decided the best thing to do was separate. Even though I could not shift she could fly above me and see what if anything was coming.
I looked at her and waved goodbye in case it was the last time we saw each other. I was confident thought I would beat this thing. It stood no chance tonight I was going to get rid of these owl mongers if it was the last thing I did.
I ran inside the cave and I saw it. That same creature that tried to cut me open was there.
I couldn’t breathe. I stopped for a second then James’ face popped into my head. He would have done this for me. So I was doing this for him.
It came towards me.
“AHH!” I growled and stabbed it with my knife. It went down but I knew it wouldn’t be for long. Where I got the power to face it I had no clue. Yet, now I was on a roll.
“I think I owe you one..” I said stabbing it again in the back of the neck hoping to paralyze it the way it had me.
I ran further into the depths of the darkness and found two owls guarding a steel door. I looked at both of them and caught them by surprise. I knew they had no clue I was coming. They could not tap into my mind unless I was shifted into Moth. Right now there was nothing supernatural about me at all except my black hair. I kicked the one in the stomach and it crumbled over the other picked me up and through me against the wall of the cave. I grimaced in pain but managed to get up. He was coming at me again when I remembered the only weapon I had as a human were my teeth. I bit his finger almost completely off when it grabbed me by the neck. Blood went into my mouth and suddenly the taste of it made me feel a strange sensation of my moth side. Biting the hand of another supernatural creature and excepting it’s life force into my body caused a stir inside of my mind. Who knew shifting would be this easy to do if I drank Owl blood?
Suddenly my body shifted and quickly. I managed to find my knife and in one quick motion I chopped the arm of the second owl off.
I smiled at it screaming from the pain.
“How does it feel you disgusting thing?”
I ripped off the door to the entrance and inside I found myself surrounded by 3 more creatures. The owls tried at me and each one died from my bare moth tentacle hands. I was angry now and I was searching for more and more. The bloodlust I felt inside was partly enjoyable and part unimaginable. I was larger since excepting that owl blood into my body. It was like it mixed itself with my own life force and I was now part owl essence and part moth. My friend said I was different. Now I knew I was different. I looked around and there was no sign of the fat owl creature.
Then I felt it inside my head. A sharp pain was eating away at my brain.
I fell to the floor and when I looked up there was the fat creature staring daggers at me.
I tried to fight it but to no avail he had won this match. I was falling over and writhing in pain when I smelled Tabitha. She came in and it was like she was blocking the pain. She was using her powers with mine to stop him from hurting my head.
It grabbed her in mid air and flung her against the cave wall with a force so strong it knocked rock off the walls.
“Maybe that will keep you in line young owling..”it said.
It spoke. That was something I had not expected.
I was growing angry now. He had hurt my friend and I was going to kill this damn thing even if it killed me. I looked around weighing my immediate options.
I looked at it’s stomach and it had a glowing globe in it’s stomach. It was as if he was carrying the souls of mankind in his gut. I knew then I had to cut him open to release it.
It read my thoughts then and looked into my face with his snarling teeth.
“You are not going to win this fight moth girl. Why don’t you just retreat now so you do not have to watch yourself die..”
I pulled out my knife without thinking and stabbed it over and over again in the guts.
It seemed shocked by this change in power struggles and fell to the ground. I walked over to his face and with one swipe I used my wing to cut off it’s head.
“How about you instead..” I said weakly when it was over.
All of a sudden I could smell roses. I looked up at the roof of the cave. Sun was now coming in. I looked over at Tabitha who was still holding her neck in pain. She had shifted back to her human form.
I looked around looking for something…James.
I grew sad at him not magically appearing. The emotional hold was gone. So was he now I thought. At least I had released his soul.
“I guess it is safe now Tab-“I began then stopped
I looked up and that is when I saw him. James!
I ran to hug him.
He smiled down at me like an angel.
“Are you really here?”I asked
“Yes..bout damn time.”he smiled at me then helped Tabitha up. There were other men and women with James. He wasn’t the only one I had saved.
My family was very angry with me for going alone. My father was angry but proud. He knew what I was now capable of. One shocking realization to me was I had saved a Moth elder. My grandfather’s brother, Abe. Apparently Abe had been taken by the great owl years earlier. So now we had someone that could explain more of the history of our ancestry. He was especially greatful to me.
Admitting I cared for James was the hardest part about all of it. As days followed into weeks and months we spent more and more time together. Being around him was like having an extra foot or leg. He was now part of me.
“You know what tomorrow is?” he said sitting next to me on the couch
“No..” I said
“Valentines day.”
“Oh whoopy!”
“Hey why do you have to be so damn sarcastic all the time?”
“Hey that is just who I am..”
“I guess.” He said looking deflated.
“You know what?”
“What?” he asked annoyed
I grabbed a box from under the couch in our family room.
“What is that?”
“Open it.”
“Okay..” he said suspiciously
He opened it and inside was a large cookie shaped like a heart.
On it it said “I love you.”
“Oh now you tell me..” he said and with that kissing me.

Then End.
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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 5   Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:58 am

Good ending and on a romantic note also!

I do think we will be reading more of this family in future adventures.

I will probably write a bit about some early adventures of Karl. Some vampire, werewolf and other strange encounters are in my head.
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Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 5   Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:14 am

Yeah most likely you are correct. I have a friend that has gotten really into the stories. haha

My writing style can get really gory too. I am not a fan of watching chain saw massacre but I can scare the crap out of a lot of people. One of my favorite horror movies is "when a stranger calls" a remake has been made but the original is so much more creepy.

"Have you checked on the children.." was a famous quote.. I watch it again and again and I'm still like "DON'T GO IN THAT DAMN ROOM!!!!!!!!!!"

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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 5   Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:47 pm

There is a horror movie from the 1970s called "The Other" that is about identical twins in a small town. It has some of the most chilling moments in it as it progresses. It is not gory at all (PG rated when released), but it is one of the best psychological thrillers made.


TCM plays this one (with other Gothic horror movies).

I don't mind a bit of blood and gore as I have read plenty of Stephen King. I also have read Harold Robbins and others, so I am no prude.

I do think it might be wise to put a disclaimer up if some are offended by such stories.
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PostSubject: Re: Moth Family pt. 5   

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Moth Family pt. 5
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