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 The Basic UFO encounters

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The Basic UFO encounters Empty
PostSubject: The Basic UFO encounters   The Basic UFO encounters I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 15, 2012 12:48 am

Here is the basic types of encounters with UFOs:

1. Nocturnal Lights: The most common sightings out there, these are the lights seen at night (obviously) which do unusual maneuvers and do not act like conventional aircraft. It used to be the sightings paid attention to were the ones where the craft made a sudden 90 degree turn or zipped out of sight. Now, we get videos of lights not doing anything much different. Most of these have down to earth explanations.

2. Daylight Disks: These are the sightings of distant objects during the day. Again, they behave in strange ways and can sometimes be shown to not be a regular aircraft. Some videos of these are interesting, but they also tend to have a down to earth explanation.

3. Close Encounter of the First Kind: This is an encounter with a craft where it is clearly not something known. It can be an artificially made craft or some type of large plasma ball. These are very good cases as the witnesses can rule out any down to earth explanation. The famed Bentwaters case is a Close Encounter of the First Kind.

4. Close Encounter of the Second Kind: The object being observed closely leaves behind physical evidence such as a landing spot, broken tree branches etc. There is a good case from the 1970s where a 16 year old boy saw a craft land and it left a circular marking on the ground. It was photographed and studied leaving this one of the better cases out there. Another case from Canada left a man with serious burns on his body. Some suggested he did it to himself for the publicity. I call those people debunkers.

5. Close Encounter of the Third Kind: Contact with the beings inside the craft. Many excellent encounters are this type and have been documented. The Father Gill Papua New Guinea incident comes to mind.

6. Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind: Abduction. This is a recent upgrading as these cases deal with people entering the craft for an examination. Betty and Barney Hill incident is the most famous one.

James MacDonald researched the physical trace incidents and created one of the largest caches of cases for researchers today. It is amazing how many good cases are out there from the Close Encounter types. Richard Dolan, Lt Col Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman have written about many good cases out there.
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The Basic UFO encounters
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