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 Physical Meeting :02/08/2012 CHANGE of TOPIC

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PostSubject: Physical Meeting :02/08/2012 CHANGE of TOPIC   Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:52 pm

Due to a schedule change our speaker Sandi will not be able to make the meeting to discuss Part 3 of the Emotion Code.

So instead we will have new topic with a new speaker.

Some of you may recall some of the aspects of healing with the Emotion Code. Tapping into "trapped emotions" to heal ourselves in the "NOW." I admit I was skeptical when having learned about a lot of different healing methods including Reiki. Yet now comes the Theta Healing. I was suprised to learn some of these healing techniques while strange do work for many. As preternatural is preternatural does. Smile

Presenter: Sensai Ed (or Ed as the rest of you know him Very Happy )


When: 02/08/2012

Where: Kellys

Again sorry for the last minute changes. For those members that lurk here only thank you for your added participation in our little universe. sunny

blessings. flower

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Physical Meeting :02/08/2012 CHANGE of TOPIC
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