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 Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man

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PostSubject: Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man   Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:21 pm

This is maybe all I will include on this site, I'm a little over protective of this story, being based on a part of my life..

here is ignore the smilies that popped in because of my copy paste..

I stood in the bathroom washing my face in the bathtub. Again my parents were still working on the new sink that just seemed to never have gotten installed. A flash just a mere flash of a dark haired young man in dark clothes sitting at a table at what could only look like Brubakers Pub in downtown Akron. I had no clue whom you were but you were smiling and having a nice time. It was not a daydream but a flash like a memory that was not my own. You were there suddenly just for a moment and then you were gone….
How is it that after all of these years I still cannot forget the things that I knew about you or wanted to know from them? You are 32 and I 33. You have two beautiful children from a broken marriage and seem to be more of a man than most men I have ever known. How is it that after all of this time I still do not have the guts to talk to you about what I have learned? I may know inside that the messages I got do not make me crazy. I am fearful, however, you may find me crazy. I do not know how to allow you to see inside of my head and heart without burdening you with my problems over the years. That is not what I have ever wished. It was simply to understand why I felt a connection to you and why I was allowed to see so deeply inside of your shell if I were not meant to.

I can only begin by explaining how it came to be that I left you a strange cryptic message 10 years ago this year. I walked right up to your counter and left you a very meaningful video of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I did not think in that moment I would be living to regret that action for the next ten years or why it seemed rational at the time. I thought it a clever way to ask you out. But what I never did say and what I never did understand was I was really trying to get to know you because I had so many questions. Questions that were about your life and questions that would answer the questions I had about my own. It is because of those questions I have not been able to find closure. You see I am one of analytical mind. I must know. I must crave to see the reasoning behind what makes things tick. I live day to day promoting critical thinking and engaging in deepened open-ended conversations with my peers trying to find out life’s answers to the universe. Perhaps it is a hats off to madness that I have not been able to get over it. Yet, unless you truly knew why I was so seemingly quiet and strange perhaps you do not care to know. Maybe sir it is all for nothing. Perhaps it is just my life’s lesson to learn and perhaps you have nothing to do with it at all. Perhaps in the darkness of the mind lurks the answers we so wish to know. But I do not fully believe that. I have lived a regular sometimes depressing existence and perhaps it is my likeness to daydream that brought me to this point. I did grow up from a charmed existence and nor do I believe any of us do. I work as a public servant and see the travesties of life. I have learned to live with more tragedy than anyone could possibly endure. Yet, it is through those sorrowful moments of my life that this person writing this was born.

If things had gone according to the plan our lives would have gone in a drastically different direction. I do not regret that nor do I believe you necessarily would either. We would not be the strong individuals we are today if things had happened differently and we would not have those people in our lives that make us happy or that make us tick in a way that helps us understand just who “we” are. There is no radical new proof that you can travel into the past to change things or make them different than what they are now. Even if we wanted to go back in time for a day to see loved ones that are no longer with us. It is just not possible in this world as we know it. Perhaps we are there living life differently in another dimension of time or space. Only God knows the answer to that. It is time that heals and time that can only make the mind forget the events as they unfolded. Before my mind goes and I lose what memories I do have I must retell these events now as they happened. Only then perhaps I can begin to put together the pieces of a puzzle that has long since been a mystery to me and to those close to me that knew the story even before you do now.
I guess I should begin from the beginning so that you can fully understand the events as they unfolded and how you came to play a part in them. In the fall of September 2001 I met you. You were working at my bank which was in a grocery store up the road from my house. I remember the first time I met you I did not like you at all. There was something off putting about your demeanor and the way you carried yourself. I did not want you to wait on me even though I was the only customer there that afternoon. I was wearing a long mahogany sweater and a white blouse underneath and comfy jeans. I was depositing a check that day and I remember you looking up ever so briefly as if I mattered if even just for a second. It was a second that quickly faded as you did not engage in any form of small talk not a “hi how are you?” instead it was a simple “How can I help you?” as though you were the grim reaper waiting to take hold of someone’s soul for all eternity. I did not like you as I said and I thought you were rather rude. I am not sure if it were because you were obviously new and it messed with the Friday afternoon routine of me depositing my pay check. Perhaps it was the fact your features were of absolute beauty like a statue of David. Skin so perfect the color of a blonde mocha and eyes that were like onyx. Perhaps you were Lucifer himself and I just did not know it. You stood way above me in your long sleeved white dress shirt and a straight up and down tie. You had a very serious natured appearance and with this stern look on your face you took my check and sat my deposit slip on the counter without even looking up. I think I was more puzzled at the lack of customer service than anything. I stood waiting for more like a “Have a nice day..” nothing. Instead you did not look up and said to me “Ms. Is there anything else I can help you with?” I stood sheepishly after getting caught with my mind wandering in front of you. How dare you be so rude I thought! I only replied. “Oh um no, but thanks.”

I remember leaving the store that day in such a fit over it. Looking back it was that exact my world would never be the same and I did not yet grasp it. It was not long after that first meeting the world had changed due to 9/11 and I myself was in the process of learning a job with the State of Ohio that would keep me very busy for years to come after and fulfill me in other ways as well. Time passed I returned to my work and friends living my life. I began avoiding having to go to the bank. At the time I did not drive due to a car accident I had at 17. My fear of driving eventually passed but back then I did not and would make excuses and send my mother for me. She reported back you were always nice. She didn’t understand why I was afraid of another encounter with you. My mind kept going back to that first encounter though.
It was just before Christmas and New Years. My sister, her husband, and her kids were coming into town. I had no choice to go myself to the bank as there was shopping to be done that day. I went and you were there again very happy and in such a smiley mood. Was this the same jerk that had waited on me over a month ago? You had a softer aura about you and a gentle kinder appearance. I think it was then and there that a kindness toward you inside me was felt. I did not feel I had a crush on you or anything just something inside me felt that where you were concerned you were no longer a threat. It was in that moment I could say I liked you as a person. Only that particular day you did not wait on me.
Again time passed and the holidays wore on. January came and went. February came and my friend Amanda and I got into a fight. We did not speak over something I had said and had continued to not speak going well into the Summer. That was the typical thing about us. We would stop speaking and then talk again when it dawned on us that we missed one another. So began me being unable to communicate to her what was going on when the change began.
I had went into the grocery store with my mom to buy some groceries on a particular Friday night in late February. I happened to see you wearing casual work clothing as the check outs were right by the bank. I could not miss you running to help an old woman that had left a large bag on your counter. There were so many ugly people going in and out of that store sometimes and using that bank. Poor ugly and yet beautiful slobs. Just mongering all about. You in all your supermodel luster ran to her and I noticed the happy look on her face as you handed her the bag. She could have hugged you. Heck I wanted to hug you in that moment. You were nothing at all like I had thought you were. I was merely judging someone by their good latin looks nothing more. Prejudice about you had grown when there was no reason to. I felt a tingle of crush come over me. I may have begun to like you more in that moment. It was then and there I could relate to you. Yet, I kept it to myself. My secret and my secret alone.

MARCH 2002: The Sickness
I got very sick in late March of 2002 about two weeks before I was to check on a job prospect in Florida. For two years I lived with my sister and her family in Jacksonville, Florida. There I had worked for an environmental agency and learned quite a bit while I worked there. At the time in 2002, I was only part time with the State of Ohio so I wanted something more permanent and full time. My previous boss, Tom, had bought a music night club and needed someone to help run it. My sister had recently left her job as a parole officer for more money as a full time manager at the club. I went down to see if I could volunteer my time and possibly get hired again. At that time they were looking for someone that could decorate parts of the club and my name came up because of my background in art. So my sister had my plane ticket for me and it was coming in the mail. That is when it happened.

Late one night after watching JON EDWARDS: Crossing Over on the Sci-fi channel I had wondered why some people have the gift of being a medium or the gift of second sight. In a way I had been a sensitive all of my life. I recall having had experiences since I was a very young child that I could not explain. One event at the age of 4 or 5 my mother and I were alone in our old colonial home. She was reading the Little Mermaid to me out of a big fairy tale book. I began to hear little children’s laughter from upstairs. My mom called my brother but no answer. She wanted to make certain he was not at home as he had went to his friends house for the evening. She did not hear him so she called his friends home.
“Hi, is Robbie with Scot?” she had asked Scot’s mom.
“Oh good. Thanks.” She had said. When she hung up the phone she looked at me puzzled for a moment and with that she looked at me smiled and said “guess it is bath time.”
I did not want to go upstairs. I still was too scared.
“Oh stop it isn’t a big deal.” She had exclaimed trying to ease my little frame.

I walked up to the top of the stairs and refused at once to go in my bedroom.
“What’s the big deal?”
“Mommy look ..” I said pointing to my bed. My mom stood outside of my bedroom and held my hand. She also did not go inside. All of my dolls were facing toward the door and I could still a child’s laughter snickering in my room but there were no children.
That experience stood out more than any other up until the moment it all changed otherwise.

After Crossing over and some deep thoughts I strolled off to bed. By the next day I had went to work and when I got home I was so unwell I could not walk. I had some sort of gastro intestinal flu. It was not pleasant at all. Yet, it was so hard on my body. Nothing in me seemed to work and nothing in me could move. I tried to no avail to eat or drink but I could not hold my head up. My father wanted to take me to the emergency room but I did not want to go. I did not have insurance because my job was not a full time job and he was on a disability pay. It was not a good time in my family’s life at that point. I knew it would be money no one had. I would just somehow get through it. By night fall I had not improved. I got up to use the restroom and was fine until I had to walk back to my room. On my way back I passed out into the corner of my bedroom door and hit my head square into my forehead. It did not end up leaving a bruise but the slam was so loud that both my father and mother heard it – my father was wearing earplugs to top it off. I lay on the hallway floor unable to move. My dad and mom put me back to bed and in a comical fashion at that. I lay in bed while my dad and mom debated if they should call an ambulance. I told them I was fine. A little bump I told them. I refused any medical care at that point. I felt fine inside and because I passed out before I hit the door I did not even have any pain with the bang. I lay in bed that whole rest of the day being told not to sleep in case I had a concussion as if my mom would be able to diagnose me! It was almost to funny to bare. Here I was a 23 year old young woman and her parents are fretting over her like a 4 year old. I understood the concern but I also knew my body well enough to know the sickness was passing even if ever so slowly.
That night I lay in bed watching Alanis Morisette on a late show singing songs from her latest album. I could not move. When it was over I turned off the television in my room and laid in the blackness of the night. My thoughts were everywhere. Yet, my thoughts settled on you in that moment. For some reason and no reason at all I remembered your recent kindness toward people all kinds of people poor men and old ladies and in that moment I wanted to be holding your hand during my sickness. I wanted to cry over how awful I felt. I longed I guess for some sort of companionship and I cannot explain it how much I was connecting to you and the world around. I often times have joked that when I fell and hit my head during the sickness that is when my third eye woke up. It opened like a wide sea. So much came in and out of my soul. It deepened into something I can only describe as an empathetic love for a stranger. In that moment I knew I cared but how or when it happened I did not know. It just did. I did not care to understand in those moments what about you comforted me. I did not know you. You were merely someone that happened to be in my life through no choice of either you or myself. You just were there. And I am sure you had absolutely no clue and why would you?

AUGUST 11, 1995
Meet me under a full moon in the center of the forest. I am merely a boy but will be a man when we meet. Heed the words they speak of me I am not a brute; I am not your David I will never leave you alone..and BEWARE of the pretty flowers as you walk through the Midnight Forest alone…
The Proof:
I had accidentally discovered it a week before I was sick. I was trying to figure out where you could have come from. It was like you were somehow some form of alien life form. You were my age, but I did not know you. I had never met you- but you had been there all along. Till this day I had never understood how it could have been possible. In the summer of 1995 I had a dream where I was in this Gothic Castle and an unknown messenger was sending me this letter- it was so urgent I had to hide it from everyone. Inside the letter was a message.. ‘Meet me under a full moon in the center of the forest. You already know my face but we have never met. I am merely a boy but will be a man when we meet. Heed the words they speak of me I am not a brute, I am not your David I will never leave you alone and Beware of the pretty flowers as you walk through the Midnight forest alone.’ It was so life changing and prophetic it kept me a virgin for the next 8 years. So again I began my search and it began with yearbooks. I did not find you in my high school year book. But something told me to keep on looking. I found you in my Roswell Kent Middle School yearbook. There you were – a year or so younger than I but your face was unmistakable. It was incredible that you were there all along. So close and yet I had no recollection of you. So I contacted my cousin. She apparently knew you and knew you well.

“Oh yea.. you don’t remember him? I knew his brother too.”
I remember hanging up the phone and realizing for the first time in my life that the dream was for a reason. All this time you had been RIGHT THERE! I felt creeped out by it. I had never been this shy around anyone before. I had never been this frightened of a guy. Well shy, but this scared? Absolutely not. I believed then and there you were the man from the dream. I could not hide my excitement inside. But on the outside I remained calm. I couldn’t just blurt out all this stuff. How insane would it all sound? Pretty insane.

So as I lay there in my bed thinking of you my thoughts settled on you and in some weird way it felt like a home. All these months I had cared for you. When the photograph was there in my old year book I felt relieved that maybe I wasn’t crazy after all. I laid there and slept deeply.

Four days later I was as good as I was going to feel, I had showered and dressed. I put on jeans did my hair and makeup and put on an old novelty shirt I had gotten from Roswell New Mexico a few years earlier. I had to deposit a check and I wasn’t my usual nervous self. This day I was all smiles and just glad not to be sick any longer.
I had went in unusually cheery. It must have shown because for the first time ever you spoke to me.
“So have you been to Roswell?” you had asked me slightly smiling at me.
“Oh yeah like twice or so. It’s a fun town.”
“So do you believe in aliens and all that?”
“I mean I do – I mean I doubt we are the only people in the universe.”
“Yeah…so where did you go to school?” he asked me. Finally I thought a real friggin conversation.
“I went to Garfield and then I went to Mount Union. But half way through my second semester they messed up my school loan. Lost the paper work they said.. so I moved to Florida and worked there for 2 years. Now I live here and work for the State.”
“Mount Union huh?” you had asked me excitedly. “My brother goes there now. It is a really good school.”
“Yes it is. I had some scholarship money there. Not a full ride but some.”
“So did you go to school around here?”
“Yeah I went to Coventry and Akron..”
I had smiled and said “oh cool..I am just happy I get to get out of town for a while.”
“Oh yeah where to?”
“Jacksonville. To see my sister.”
“Oh lucky you.”
“yeah no kidding.” I had said half nervously.
“well you have a nice trip.”
“Yeah thanks and you have a better day..” I had said thinking I sounded like a moron.

Part 2:

A week passed by and I was taken to Cleveland Hopkins Airport to get on my flight to Jacksonville Florida. I was dropped off by my mom and dad and on my way in I had a coffee to drink. I think that was the first time I had ever tried Starbucks. It was very tasty. I went to my terminal after checking with security and I waited on my flight.
After what seemed a very fast waiting period, I was boarding a plane to Atlanta by Southwest Airlines. Once I landed in Atlanta I had met a very strange but nice girl on her way to Miami to boot camp for the Air Force. She was tall and beefy and at first when I realized she and I were in the same line for the same flight I figured she was going to spring break. As I thought this she turned around to face me and smiled. She looked rather menacing at first so when she did that I was immediately calmed because she then turned back around and asked me what seat number I had. I politely told her Row 34 Seat A.
“OH perfect. You seem normal. I was worried who I would be seated next to. I have Row 34 Seat C- the window. I saw you on the last flight. Are you going to Florida too?”
“Yeah. I’m visiting family.”
“Yeah me too then I’m going to boot camp.”
“Boot camp?”
“Yes my sister lives in South Beach with her husband and they suggested me joining the army. So first I get a 4 week vacation with them before I go to my boot camp in Texas. By the way why is that lady at the counter taking so long about getting us all seated?”
“I was wondering the same thing. I wasn’t sure we had actual seats.” I commented “The last flight was a sit where ever you can find a seat in coach.”
“Yes I know. Were you in the back of the plane?” she asked me laughing.
I laughed too. “Yes facing opposite way when we took off. I felt like I was going to fall out of the back of the plane.”
With that everyone formed a line. There were less people on the flight to Jacksonville than the flight from Cleveland to Atlanta. We got on the plane and seated ourselves neatly in our row. I ended up allowing her to have the middle seat for her coat and book bag once the flight took off. We talked a bit about home and I learned that she was from Lakewood Oh. That is all I can remember of the girl.
After our flight took off I recall looking over her shoulder to the then darkened sky. Dark clouds formed and I worried for our safety. The plane shook so badly that I stopped talking to her and we both got quiet and looked at each other. The emergency lights came on in the plane and everyone was told to seat themselves. It was like being in the Twilight Zone then and there. I could see lightning beneath us and all I wanted was to be off that plane as soon as possible. The flight time was only an hour and 10 minutes but it seemed like an eternity before we got into safer skies.
Finally after the plane landed into Jacksonville the plane slowly pulled up to the exit. I sat for a while longer forgetting my nice neighbor on the plane. When the plane began to unload all of the passengers I was in such a frantic rush to get off that I forgot to say good bye to my new friend. I was off and I looked back and she was staring out the window. I did not wave to her but wished I had not been in such a hurry it felt rude of me.
When my sister picked me up I was so glad. My legs were still like jelly from being so scared out of my mind on that plane and I was tired and hungry. It was later in the evening and the sky had this dark cloud of fog covering it. Jacksonville was a murky city. It was sticky even in the winter. Where my sister lived was called Yellow Water. It was an off base family housing facility for the main Naval Base in Jacksonville. At one point it was built for Cecil Field but it was closed toward the end of Clinton being in office.
That night I ate McDonalds on the way home from the Airport. The Airport was at least a 45 minute drive from her house at Cecil Field. When we arrived her neighbor and good friend Annette was standing in the driveway looking at me strangely. I had only met her once before about two years before when I lived with my sister at Cecil Field. Annette, her husband and 3 boys were our neighbors beginning a week before I moved back home to Akron. She stood smiling and told my sister “She did it again Kim. She thinks I don’t know. Oh Hi Kelly.” She said finally to me. “We have been waiting for you.” She said it in such a way that you would have thought I was long lost family. She had a very strange southern accent and some Brooklyn New York thrown in. “You gotta come see me soon, Kelly.” She said to me as she told her boys to go take baths.
I smiled at her. I didn’t find it very odd. A lot of the people in that housing complex were like family. I was just an extension of that family. I smelled the murky swampy air and it was home. Nothing in Akron could ever have given me the feeling that place did for me. It had such a calming factor to it. Everything about it was gorgeous. It was set far back into a secluded part of the pine forest just outside of the Jacksonville City lights. It had a creek running nearby and a large baseball field where I used to take my sister’s dog – a boxer named Zeus to play ball. It had a day care and a corner store on this little makeshift base housing development. It had so many trees, bugs, and the smell of Jasmine and pine seemed to always be with in the air. I went to my old room which was still there set up the way I had left it. I laid my suit case on the bed and un packed. I sat a few things in my old dresser. I put my shoes in the closet and went downstairs to the kitchen to see everyone. My niece was with her friend Lauren and they were cracking up about something on tv. Lauren ran over to hug me.
“Kelly girl you are here! WE all missed you.” She had said to me.
Lauren, her younger brother and two older sisters were close to my sister and her family. Lauren’s parents Tito and Lisa were fun people and seemed to always be at our house when I lived there.
“Kelly Miss Annette taught us how to use this board.”
I looked at my niece, Nicole, and smiled. Really I thought. “Board?” I asked
“Miss Annette taught Nikki and I how to use the Ouija board.”
“Oh like those work..” I said rolling my eyes.
“No,” said Lauren and Nicole in unison “they do. This one does.”
“I talked to grandma Myrt on it.” Said Nicole.
I was curious but not curious enough to care I just figured she was being a silly girl.
“Come home Lauren!” I could hear Lauren’s mom, Lisa, yelling for her at the back door.
Lauren did not mess with her mom when she was in a mood.
“Bye Kelly girl bye Nikki!”
With that Lauren was gone out the back door. Nicole was cracking up and sat her board aside.
I looked at it for a second. “How do you use that thing anyhow?” I had asked shoving a piece of a french frie in my mouth.
“It’s easy. You just got to concentrate hard.” She told me
By now I was curious. I couldn’t believe she was playing with this thing. I had grown up in a Baptist background. Tarot cards maybe, but I had always been told that these sorts of things were of the devil. Yet, I was still very curious. What could it hurt?
“Show me.”
“Let’s do it here.” She pointed to the enclosed back patio. The kitchen and family room were just off the patio. It stretched the whole length of the back of the house. We found a blanket and sat the board between us and I looked at my 12 year old niece for some sort of rational guidance.
“Now what?” I asked her looking at her as serious as I could without cracking up.
“Put your hands on one side and I will do the other side.” I put my hand on the triangle device I learned was actually called a planchette.
I was curious about only one thing but I was afraid to ask out loud. I looked at her.
“You have to ask a question or it won’t move.” Said Nicole.
“Oh, okay. Does the guy at the bank know I exist?” I asked.
It did not budge at all.
“You ask something.” I said looking at Nicole
“Does Harold still like me?” she asked cracking up.
It began to move slightly and I didn’t know for sure if she was doing it. “Stop it.” I said to her.
“I’m not doing it!” she said.
I relaxed a little. It began to budge slowly and I began to feel it moving. I didn’t think she was moving it.
Very abruptly she took her hands off of it. I looked at her. “Why did you stop?” I had asked her.
“I think Miss Annette should show you how to do it.”
“Call her over.”
“Okay.” Said Nicole.
It was at least two hours before Annette finally came over. I was growing completely impatient. When she finally came over she was all smiles. She looked at me and then at Nicole suspiciously. “You told her that I use the board?”
“She wanted to know where I learned it from but I can’t teach it as good as you. So I called you over.”
Annette was not angry. “That is fine. Kelly you know I told her she didn’t need one. Her and Lauren used it and got so scared one night they called me over. Miss Annette miss Annette! We saw a demon in the bathroom.” She was laughing hysterically recalling the scene.
“Yeah we used it in the dark in front of that bathroom mirror and we saw this scary demon like face in the mirror so we ran out. I called Miss Annette and told her. We were so scared.” Said Nicole
I was not sure if I believed her at all.
“You see, when you use it you have to be relaxed. You should never use it in front of a mirror in the dark. You should also never do it alone. What did you want me to show you?” she asked seriously looking at me.
I was nervous suddenly. “I don’t know.”
She sat the board on her lap and began rubbing it with both of her hands. “First you have to put your energy on it. Then be as relaxed as you can be. It will move eventually.” She handed me the board and I did as she told me.
Nothing happened.
I began to get frustrated. “Can you do it for me?”
“Sure.” She said to me smiling.
She put her hands on the bottom of the planchette and suddenly it began to circle at lightening speed. At this point I was trying not to burst into laughter. Is this woman nuts? I was not seriously witnessing this.
“It says Kelly’s in love. He thinks Kelly is pretty. He likes her.”
By now I was more interested. Was it really telling her these things? Was it this obvious that I had a huge huge crush on him?
“Letter of his name begins with a C.”
I did not say anything I watched her.
“What do you want to know Kelly?”
“Does Mr. C like me too?” I asked not thinking it would say anything relevant.
She swirled the planchette around the board in a figure 8 sign. “It says yes, but you need to talk more.”
I wanted to yell. I can’t talk to him. Every time I do it is like blubber comes out.
“Okay when is his birthday?” I was curious at least I could figure out what sign he was.
“1-2 um 10-09 maybe? It is going so fast. I want to say 12-10.”
“Okay I doubt he’s a Libra. Maybe a Sagitarius” I had said looking at her.
“That is all. Tomorrow after my boys go to school call me and we can go over some more about it. Just remember what I said. You all have a good night.”
With that she was gone.
After she left I looked at the clock and it was just after 12:30. I looked at my niece as she packed her board away with an old washrag around the planchette. She put it on the dining room table and told me she was going to put on her pajamas. When we got upstairs she showed me some cool stuff she had gotten recently pants, shirts and games. All of a sudden we saw a red lazer light coming in the window.
“What is that black ops?” I laughed at her.
“No that is Harold! He is so stupid. He likes me I know he does. He waits till his parents go to bed and then he does this all night. He is my boyfriend. He doesn’t know it but I’m about to dump him. He is so stupid.” She said cracking up.
“Oh my.” I shook my head. So this is what it is like being 12 years old again.
I told her I was going to put on the radio.
“Yes Coast to Coast Am is on. It is a radio show that talks about ghosts and aliens. It also puts me to sleep when it is boring.”
“OHH I want to listen with you. Can I sleep next to you? I am scared.”
“Sure.” I said laughing.
That night there was a show on about military crafts. It wasn’t very interesting and it wasn’t anything I had not heard a thousand times before.
I turned it off and lay in bed. My niece was fast asleep almost as soon as she laid her head down. I tried unsuccessfully to sleep. I kept feeling strange and couldn’t put my finger on it. I kept thinking of that board. The next day my sister had went to work and had instructed me to help Nicole with her book report when she woke up. She was being schooled at home now. I awoke just after 9 am and the only thing up was me. The dog was sound asleep on the floor next to the couch. I made my coffee and sat down on the couch. I looked up at the Ouija board box on the dining room table. GLOW IN THE DARK OUIJA it said. It looked so hokey how could this be the thing that made people scared of demons? Part of me felt like I was sneaking around. I picked up the box and sat my mug on the table.
I wanted to try it alone. I decided to try once more. I just had to try.
I took the board out of the box and placed it on my lap with the planchette.
I was nervous but relaxed. I could not think of anything to ask it except “Can you help me.”
This time without hesitation the board moved quickly and I knew I was not moving it. I was alone and there was no one else helping to control it. It quickly slid to the words that would change my life forever. If it had not moved that day I would have still been oblivious to the many things I now know. My hands tingled in such a way I cannot explain. It was as if an electric shock was moving through my veins. It moved thrown my head down my arms into the tips of my fingers. In one quick and fast forceful motion it went to the left hand corner of the board.
YES it said and in that moment nothing in my life would ever remain the same again.

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PostSubject: Re: Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man   Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:56 pm

I know how you feel about being protective of the story. So far I love it. Very personal about the journey ahead for these characters.

It is good to have them as fictional but based on real people you know. You can do a bit a creative artistry and change parts of them to suit the story, but keep them as real as possible.

Right now I have started to focus on the characters I am writing about. I have based each of them off of someone I know. That is why I have killed off quite a few as they were not based on someone and I didn't feel anything writing about them.

Writing about close family and friends is also tough because the emotion is very real And your story is so very personal.

Many of us have gone on the types of journeys you speak of. It may not of been the same way, but it is the journey of finding out who you are and what your destiny truly is.

Take your time with it and share only what you feel comfortable with.
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PostSubject: Re: Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man   Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:59 am

AGain sorry about the smiles and thanks for the support. Helps to have other writers critique it. Granted I have done no editing on grammar yet this is very rough.
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PostSubject: Re: Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man   Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:01 pm

I look at writing here as practice for the novel itself. What better way to change a direction of the main idea or to work out what characters you want to use.

I like the rough draft idea and read the meat and potatoes of what the basic idea will be. There will be plenty of drafts done before it is published.

Also, they have editors help you out with the proof reading.
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Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man   Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:39 pm

Very True.
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PostSubject: Re: Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man   Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:24 am

You may have noticed all of the adventures of Karl Kramer have been erased. Never fear, he is coming back with a vengeance as I know who the character is and I want to start from scratch. He does writing part time as I have added his name to the titles.

I decided to stick with the supernatural aspect of the stories and stay away from science fiction. I love sci fi, but it adds too much confusion.

Some characters will return, others won't. All I know is it will be just as wild a ride!

Karl Kramer will be there and many others in different roles.

Vampires and Werewolves and Witches Oh my!
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PostSubject: Re: Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man   Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:05 am

I did notice but then I figured you would find something else to entertain us with. =00)
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PostSubject: Re: Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man   

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Part 1& 2 of Deconstruction of a Man
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