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 Werewolf by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: Werewolf by Karl Kramer   Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:17 pm

Everyone called him the major because of his rank and he didn't mind it one bit. The Major had served many tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan and had seen much battle. The worst part of it was seeing the terrible affect on the children. The Major had received two silver stars and three purple hearts plus other decorations, but what he considered his proudest achievement was being able to take a group of boys to the United States who were orphans. He had gotten to know their plight and had pulled numerous strings to get them visas.

The plan was to rent a small bus and take the 11 boys camping and fishing at a place the Major had known since he was a young boy. His family would travel all the way from Chicago to the campground in the deep south. It was late summer which was the best time of year since most of the campers were gone as school was starting. They would have the place to themselves.

The guys were aged 11 to 16 and spoke English very well, which made things a bit easier on them. They still stuck out like stuck out like sore thumbs as they had never been to the USA and were in awe of everything in sight. Although the boys did come from different families, they did feel like brothers and stuck by each other through thick and thin.

The boys were also Muslim and the Major made sure they could get to a mosque and also would have an alarm on his watch for prayer time as they traveled. He made sure to find the best places to eat which catered to the dietary needs of the boys. It was a long drive and with plenty of pit stops and overnight stays, the Major arrived in the small town on the lake. There was a long bridge over the wide lake and on the other side was a huge wilderness preserve. They would rough it up and camp there.

But first it was time to eat and the Major remembered the small eatery that had the best catfish he had ever eaten. The locals were always friendly to him and his family, but there was always some roughnecks around. They usually minded their business so no one paid much attention.

The Major pulled up at the restaurant and the boys all came out of the bus and stretched before going inside for a meal. The Major knew they would like this place as much as he did when he was a boy.

It was hard not to notice a group of olive skinned teen and adolescent boys walking in the place followed by an older man with a limp. There were a few locals and they were eying the boys. Some of the boys were wearing kufis which is a traditional headgear for some Muslim men.

"What are those sand niggers doing in this place? They need to go back as we don't want them here" said a local named Parker. He just watched the boys as they ate and laughed. He was going to follow them to make sure they didn't stay around.

The Major was correct in the boys liking the catfish and told them they could all come back before they left. He then paid the bill and the boys got in the bus and headed across the bridge to the wilderness preserve.

While it was a wilderness preserve, there were a few pockets of private lands owned by a family. There was a small cabin on one of the parcels of land where an old man lived. He was quiet and would only go into town for supplies. The people in the town didn't know his name, but referred to him as the Old Southerner. He kept to his own and that was how most people were down there.

The Major then drove into a small gravel road to where the campground was. It was as basic as you can get, with no electricity and the lake itself to use to bathe in. The Major did not see the truck which followed him, but the Old Southerner did. After they found a spot next to the lake they set up the large canvas tent and cleared out the fire pit. Parker then made a call for a bunch of his friends to show up later that night. First he had to get the Major out of there.

Parker found a big rock and waited for the youngest boy to wander close to where he was at. Parker then lobbed the rock at the youngster hitting him in the head. The 11 year old boy let out a wail and the Major ran over to him. The boy was bleeding badly and the Major told the others to stay here as he took the youngster to a clinic.

After the boy had some stitches put in his head, the Major went back to the bus he saw the tires were slashed. He went to the local garage and saw large tires in stock as they catered to trucks, and the worker looked at the Major. "The guy who changes tires is away for now. He'll be back later on so you might want to wait at the diner or the motel." With that the man walked away and phoned Parker.

It was dark and the other ten boys received a call from the Major saying he would be a while. Amir was the oldest, and he took charge of the others. The Major also told them to be careful out there. Amir then yelled for the other boys to use the buddy system they had been taught by the Major. Amir and his younger brother Faisal with two other boys were going to take a dip in the lake to wash up. The other boys went around to explore the area, but stuck close to the tent.

Three other pick-up trucks showed up at night with the lights off packed with a large group of men. They had come from all over the place as they were friends and kin of Parker. They took out baseball bats and chains to teach the boys a lesson. If they killed the boys, even better. It would show others they are not welcome. Parker had informed them the boys were in five different groups of two each, so they broke up into groups of four each. Two men for each boy just in case they were a bit much to handle. A baseball bat to the head would usually stop any resistance.

The men broke up into their groups and went off to get the boys. The first group found two boys looking at the flora and watching the toads jumping around. As the men approached those boys, they heard a twig snap. When they turned around, they saw a huge wolf man type creature staring at them. Before they could yell, the quick creature swiped its huge claws and decapitated them.

The second group of boys were gathering firewood and didn't realize they were being watched. As their main attacker lifted his bat to swing, his arm dropped off still holding the bat. He saw a bloody stump where it used to be. Before he could scream, he felt a sharp pain and looked down to see a paw sticking through his chest. The other three realized what was happening a bit late and were shred to pieces rather quickly.

The third group of boys were climbing trees and there attackers were approaching them. They didn't even hear a warning sign as they lost their heads rather quickly. The wolf then let out a bloodcurdling howl making all kinds of critters run out there.

Parker and his seven friends heard it too and shrugged it off as the others scaring the boys. It did sound quite convincing though. They then approached the lake where the last four boys were swimming. "You sand niggers are in the wrong place and need to be reminded of it" Parker said. Amir and the other three heard this and got out of the water. They were standing there naked and dripping wet realizing from the looks of the bats and chains they were going to get hurt real bad. Amir stood in front of the other three and was going to say leave the others alone when a huge wolf man type beast leaped in front of the eight men.

"What the fu" was the last words out of Parker's mouth as the beast tore each men apart with a ferocity not seen before. The four naked boys didn't know what happened as the werewolf made sure to jump and push each man out of the way before eating him. They saw enough, and didn't need to see this. The werewolf then turned to the boys and sniffed each one of them. It soon ran off quickly into the woods.

The man at the service station heard a noise and went to go see what happened. He looked up only to see a werewolf barreling toward him at a fantastic speed. He also didn't have any sort of chance to react as his head came off.

The Major was in the motel room when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened it he didn't see anyone, but his bus which was fixed. He quickly drove to the camping ground to see the boys all standing around talking about what they saw.

"We saw a werewolf! It was huge and took these bad men away." Amir had a big smile and the Major was upset at what happened. The boys wanted to stay and the next few days went by without incident. After the final day they packed up and left for home. The Major passed four trucks which lay there empty. He then passed an Old Southerner who waved at him and he waved back.

It is nice to see most people are like that nice old man instead of those vicious men the Major thought.

The Old Southerner watched the bus disappear and then transformed into a werewolf. He then let out a bloodcurdling howl and darted into the woods.
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Werewolf by Karl Kramer
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