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 The Hit Man by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: The Hit Man by Karl Kramer   Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:31 pm

Jack Bland was Vice President of Operations at the corporate headquarters and was in line to becoming the president of the company when the man who had the job retired next year. He was a good man of strong moral character to the company and was also a good family man. While Jack was a good worker, they got the strong moral character wrong as he was having numerous affairs throughout most of his marriage. They were usually with young ladies of the evening so they meant nothing.

Marge, Jack's wife of 35 years, did know about them and kept quiet about them. She had a son and daughter through Jack who were both grown up and had children of their own. Jack's son Jack Jr had a daughter named Kate who was in the honor society looking at major universities to attend in the next year. Jack's Daughter Debbie had two twin sons, Josh and Jimmy who were in the Civil Air Patrol and also were the apple of Jack's eye.

The children lived close by and were always close knit so Jack would spend what time he could with them. Jack also was very well off, so in ten years would retire and spend the rest of his years traveling and having flings.

It was in the morning and Jack was having his morning coffee when Marge came down the stairs. "Josh and Jimmy are turning 15 soon and I want to buy them a nice gift" Jack said as he sipped his coffee. "Jack, I want a divorce" was Marge's response.

"Don't act surprised, dear. I've known about the affairs and have let it all slide. I woke up a few days ago and realized I have to live my own life and not just be your consort for the office dog and pony shows. I want to spend time with the grandkids and also find someone out there who will love me for a change. I am going to give you a few weeks to prepare the finances and then I will see a lawyer. I do want my fair share of all this, and you have more than enough." Jack was stunned at this news.

"Couldn't you wait until after I make president? I will give you everything you want and we can do this quietly." Jack patiently waited for an answer. "Jack, I've waited enough. My decision is final." Marge then went out the door and headed for one of her charity functions.

Jack walked past the president's office and realized he could kiss it goodbye if he got divorced. He also would kiss goodbye a nice golden parachute and other perks. He then went into his own office and stared at the pictures of his children and grandchildren. They would despise him as they really loved Marge. Jack had to do something to stop Marge from going through with a divorce.

Jack worked at a company which did global security. He had met some shady characters, and knew one of them who would be able find him someone to take care of Marge. "Hello, Mr Jones? This is Jack Bland at the office. I need to meet with you at the eatery across the building." Jack then gave the time and spent the next hour doing some work.

Jack walked into the small eatery and walked to the booth where Mr Jones was sitting. Mr Jones had gray hair and looked like a salesman. He was one of the few people who had done contract work for the government and was known to have dealings with shady people to get things done. "Jack, I haven't seen or heard from you in a few years. What can I do for you?" Mr Jones was one to get down to business which Jack liked.

"I need a hit job done and you are the one person who knows these sort of people. We have done this for security reasons, but this one is personal." Jack then looked at the menu like he was going to order. Mr Jones took out a sheet of paper with a phone number on it.

"Call this and leave your name and number. Wait a half hour and he will get back to you. Make sure you want to do this before you call, Jack. It is a very serious thing." Mr Jones then got up and left the eatery. Jack put the number in his pocket and went back to the office.

After he sat down he called the number and left his name and cellphone number. Within the next 15 minutes, he received a call back. "Give me your name and address and home phone along with the name and address of the person you want me to hit." Jack did just that. "I will call you back in the evening with instructions on payment." The man on the other side clicked off. Jack was uneasy, but he didn't want to throw everything away.

Jack was in his home office working on a model. The cellphone rang and he picked it up. "The job will cost $350,000. Put $50,000 of it in a brown paper bag and take it to the park you live by. Leave it under that large oak tree by 4 AM in the morning. If you don't want this to happen, leave only $25,000 and this stops now." The man on the other end then hung up.

Jack then went to his safe hidden under his desk and took out $50,000 in cash and placed it in the brown bag. He got up early in the morning and walked to the park to leave the money where he was told. It was still dark, but the haze of the early morning was starting to appear and it was very warm and humid out. Jack realized he was the only one there as he left the bag where he was instructed to do so. He then went back home to go to bed.

"I couldn't sleep this morning so I took a walk" Jack told Marge as they did their morning ritual. Marge said nothing about the divorce and Jack went to work. He wondered when the job would be done, but realized he had to act normal and do his regular routine. Later on in the afternoon, his secretary walked in with a serious look on her face. "Jack, it's about your wife. She had an aneurysm and died while she was at her Women's Charity House. The secretary started to cry as she had known Marge for many years.

Jack started thinking of awful things happening to his beloved grandchildren and started to cry. He had to find the one thing to show his emotion was real. Jack the went home to prepare for the funeral and smiled as he was off the hook. Later on the cellphone rang again.

"I want you to put the rest of the $300,000 in a package and take it to the park, only there is another place I want you to put it in." Jack then interrupted the hit man. "My wife died of an aneurysm, and I think you received enough money from me. Our dealings are over." Jack then waited for a response.

"You are going to pay dearly for this." The hit man then hung up. Jack didn't know what to think, but realized the man would be happy with the money he already received and go on to his next job.

The week had passed as Jack had gone to the funeral and his life went back to its normal routine. He went to work that morning and was in a meeting when his secretary walked in and whispered something in his ear. "I have to go, family emergency" Jack then rushed to the hospital to see Jack Jr in tears. "Katie was killed by a drive by shooter." Jack Jr then collapsed in the arms of his wife. Jack went home later that night as he wondered if the hit man was responsible for this. His cellphone rang and it was the hit man.

"Such a shame schools experience so much violence. You should of paid your end of the deal, Jack. Now it is going to cost you $7 million, which is half of what you are worth. I will give you instructions on what to do which you had better follow. If not, Josh and Jimmy are going to learn their pain thresholds. Something tells me you do not wish that to happen." Jack then wrote down the instructions.

Jack spent the next few days liquidating accounts and gathering up his hidden monies. He even had a large cache of Krugerrands in another safe which he took out. Somehow, the hit man knew all about them and other items. Jack then put everything in his wife's minivan and drove the vehicle three miles to a location the man told him to take it to. He got out of the minivan and locked the doors, and put the keys under a rock near the bush the man said would be there. Jack then started to take the long walk home as he was told to do.

Jack walked back slowly thinking about what happened to his beloved granddaughter. He then pictured the boys laughing and didn't want anything terrible to happen to them. He finally got home when he saw the minivan was parked in the driveway. He walked up to it and saw it had been emptied of the contents. Jack then walked to his front door and saw a package which contained the keys to the minivan and small recorder with a micro tape in it.

Jack brought the items inside and listened to the tape. It was a recording of all the calls he had made with the hit man. Jack then walked upstairs and went to bed. The next day was uneventful at work, although the president told him he was now assured of the job because of all he had been through. Jack then went home and called his daughter to talk to her.

"Dad, it's the strangest thing. I just got a package by overnight delivery of a small tape recorder and a tape to play. The boys have it upstairs and are listening to it." Jack then froze as he heard "Mom! You need to listen to this!" come from Josh in the background. Jack dropped the phone and then heard the doorbell ring.

Jack slowly got up and looked through the peephole seeing two men dressed in suits with his son who was holding the recording device.

It was true, Jack did pay dearly.
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The Hit Man by Karl Kramer
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