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 Hidden knowlege in Pyramids and other monuments

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PostSubject: Hidden knowlege in Pyramids and other monuments   Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:27 pm

There are many books out there written about the hidden knowledge in the Pyramids and other monuments. When watching Ancient Aliens, we often get shown a mysterious place which has ancient writings on it and is shown to be complex equations.

There are some who think the alignments are the messages themselves, while others claim there are hidden rooms with libraries from antiquity.

I think they are all right, form the alignments, to the ancient equations and the hidden rooms. I believe the creators of these monuments wanted us to find them out and put in more than one meaning to that purpose. There could be more ways not discovered yet. This way, if we do not find the hidden rooms, we can learn from the alignments and the equations.

I do think they intended for them all to be used together so we can find out the full message. Once we realize there is the message in there, it is up to us to figure it out so we can learn of their wisdom.
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Hidden knowlege in Pyramids and other monuments
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