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 Abduction! by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: Abduction! by Karl Kramer   Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:52 am

"Jacob and Danny! Hurry your asses up! I have to pick up Danny and Dusty!" DJ was the oldest brother at aged 19 and was going camping with the group of 15 year old boys. Jacob finally came out of the house with Danny bringing a bunch of tackle equipment. The boys loved to fish and were going to their favorite lake during the late summer season. The water was warm and there were no tourists around to make noise and scare away the fish.

The old red truck DJ drove was given to him by his father. DJ always remembered his Daddy driving it and he was honored to get it. Although it was beat up and over 20 years old, the truck had never broken down as the boys were constantly keeping it in great shape. The boys arrived at the lake and since no one else was there they could camp right by the shore of the lake. Soon the pitched the tent and gathered a bit of fire wood for later on when it cooled down.

The five boys went fishing and as night fell started the fire up. "Hey, that is a very bright star. Do you think it is a planet?" Dean asked as DJ looked up. He never much paid attention to the stars unless his girlfriend wanted him to get romantic. He just shrugged and thought it might be. A few minutes later the boys walked down the shore and Danny looked up at the light. "It looks like it is moving closer to us." Dean also looked up and noticed the object was actually moving. Suddenly he got scared. "Guys, let's go home now."

DJ also was getting scared but as the man of the group had to act tough. "It is a plane or helicopter. Ignore it and it will go away." The object then moved closer and the boys all could make out a disk like shape on it. Dean then started to cry out loud as he saw figures looking back at them. They were unearthly and almost sinister in appearance. DJ also began to panic and Danny ran to the tent along with Jacob.

Four of the boys woke up on the beach naked laying side by side. They wondered what happened and thought they all went skinny-dipping although none of their hair was wet. "Where's Jacob?" asked Dean. The boys then looked for their clothes but couldn't find them anywhere. They thought someone had pulled a prank on them but they didn't see any lights of any car. They then yelled out Jacob's name and searched to no avail.

They went back to the camp and saw the fire was out and that it was dawn already. DJ looked for the keys and found them in the tent where he had put them. They drove back home where the father saw the boys get out of the truck completely naked. "Is this some kind of prank or dare?" Dad had asked.

DJ then told him they were all talking at the campfire for one minute and then were lying next to each other naked the next. Dean then added he was terrified by something and couldn't remember. Dad decided to investigate himself and saw the area where the four boys were laying side by side. He looked for other footprints or anything unusual and couldn't find anything. He spent the next few hours searching for Jacob and did not find a sign of him. He then drove back to the house and tried to find more about what happened. Dusty and Danny asked their uncle if they could go home so he took them there. On the way back, Dad checked at the police station if they had any news about Jacob.

Later that night DJ and Dean both started screaming. Dad ran into the room and both boys were shaking terribly but still could not remember a thing. Dad had heard about abductions but did not want to suggest it to his sons. Dad called up his brother and asked about his sons Danny and Dusty. "Both of the boys woke up screaming also. One of them shouted Jacob while standing on his bed." Dad then asked if the boys could all see a specialist and his brother said they might as well.

The boys were all given physical exams where the doctor found some unusual markings on their bodies. Scrapes and small cuts like someone injected something in them were also found. The doctor then recommended the boys get some therapy and also hypnotic regression to try and pull up their memories. This did not work as all four of the boys refused to go back to the thoughts even under hypnosis. The therapist had never encountered this and wondered what had happened to the boys that was so traumatic.

A few days had passed and Jacob showed up in the street also naked and confused. The police took the boy home and he collapsed what appeared to be out of exhaustion. Jacob was also shown to have many lacerations and other marks on his body. Just like his brothers and cousins, Jacob could not remember a thing. He also would scream at night, which became a ritual in all the boys affected for the next few months.

To this day, the boys either refuse to remember or put it out of their minds completely. Whatever happened to them terrified them beyond anything they had ever experienced in their lives.
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Abduction! by Karl Kramer
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