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 Fast food joints national and local which have gone downhill

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PostSubject: Fast food joints national and local which have gone downhill   Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:48 am

I used to really like Burger King until they started to pre-cook their Whoppers and put the patties into water to keep them warm. The result is a nasty tasting burger which makes McDonald's seem like a gourmet meal. I have read where Burger King is doing a radical make over to now try and attract soccer Moms and other types, but they should just go back to making a decent Whopper like they used to. No wonder Wendy's is beating them in sales volume. I now go to pub and get an 8 ounce pub burger with fries and a drink for $9. Whopper value meals cost $7, so I might was well throw in the extra few dollars and get a great burger.

Subway never was that good, but they have now given up on even trying. All the sandwiches they make I can do much better at home and use real beef cold cuts instead of everything turkey. Their meatball sandwiches don't have the right to be called meatball sandwiches. They do make a decent tuna sandwich, but you can do much better making that at home.

Aurelio's (local Chicago chain) used to make decent pizzas and pastas. Now they taste like sh!t. I hate going to the place as even Domino's has better pizza. That is saying a lot about the quality. Pizza Hut can run circles around this local chain and also costs half as much. (Now if they can build one near me that delivers, I would be happy.)

Any national or local chain which either used to be good and just gave up others here want to rant about?

I look at it this way: Money for me is tight and I still love to go out to eat and budget for it. I might as well enjoy the food too.
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Dragon Lord
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PostSubject: Re: Fast food joints national and local which have gone downhill   Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:18 am

There is a place called the Noisy Oyster right by my house.. and you can tell at one time it was the cat's meow.. now it has mainly overly fried seafood.. which the shrimp is lovely but it is just fried shrimp. . I can go to a market buy it for 5.99 and deep fry it myself..

I love eating.. probably why i don't weight less..
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Fast food joints national and local which have gone downhill
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