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 Easter Eggs by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: Easter Eggs by Karl Kramer   Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:50 pm

"Honey, I will be late and I don't want to disappoint the children. I must have the list of new addresses to deliver the baskets and all those chocolate eggs. This is embarrassing at time." Esther Bunny quickly packed up the new list with all of the baskets and eggs for Bob to deliver. He kissed his wife and hopped toward the houses to start his rounds. Bob was one of the many thousands of Easter Bunnies who delivered the eggs and goodies on Easter Morning. His wife had done the job and wanted a rest so Bob took over and loved it ever since.

He would make sure the eggs were hidden so the children would have a good time looking for them. As he started to hide the items in one house, he heard a noise and saw a couple sitting down with a Bible in their hand. "Oh, cripes!" Bob had encountered people like this before and was going to get the usual lecture.

"You are not necessarily evil, but your ideas are. Easter is all about Jesus rising and not some chocolate eggs for kids to eat. We just want you and your friends to stop all of this nonsense and return our sacred holiday over to us." Bob put down the baskets and sat down while lighting up a cigarette. "I know, I should quit this for good, but this time of year makes me want to smoke.

"First of all, this is just like Christmas in which you Christians stole the holiday from us Pagans. We are celebrating a time of rebirth for the Earth, and your leaders stuck your god Jesus on this date to make people forget its original purpose.

"The eggs symbolize fertility and are a symbol of our Spring Goddess Eostara. We also refer to her as Persephone, but that doesn't matter. This has been a sacred time of year for us for thousands of years and we want it to at least be remembered. I do think you should give us that much, but it seems like you want to take all of our last vestiges away from us.

"As a rabbit, I also represent fertility and was sacred to Ostara. They would also use my as food and for warm furs during the winter and appreciated that part of me also. Spring is a time of rebirth and joy as the planting season will begin soon. So why not join me in celebrating its original purposes?" The couple then put down the Bible.

"Do you have any liquorice flavored jelly beans?" Bob smiled and gave them a basket full of that flavor. "You can celebrate Easter with Jesus as he also symbolizes rebirth in one's spirit. I don't want people to forget their beliefs, but I also want respect for my old traditions." Bob then hid the rest of the baskets and hopped to the next house. This couple was holding a copy of the Q'uran.

"Here we go again. Happy Easter, everyone!"
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Easter Eggs by Karl Kramer
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