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 music and coffee and religion..

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Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord

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PostSubject: music and coffee and religion..   Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:13 pm

I don't speak to many on my religion much in the real world..

But I do not go to church. I just don't anymore. I grew up Baptist and then after my school of thought and support there I left the church.

I have always felt closer to God/ goddess over a cup of Joe and some fine music. Preferably a candle burning, something soft over the radio and a good coffee.

I can think better, I can pray better, and do it with courage and sincerity better than sitting in a pew singing and praying with a large group. I just don't get anything out of that. It doesn't FEEL real to me.

Granted I can do these things with tea too, but coffee is my caffeine of choice. My favorite music to pray to may shock a few of you that know me better now than before..

No it isn't some ENYA although I do enjoy her too. I actually prefer a moderate country folk song by Victoria Williams.. actually anything by Victoria Williams gives me that sweet space in my heart of sincerity.

She was a moderate country/folk artist of the Crazy Mary Song fame.. covered a million times over since she wrote it..but still one of my favorite artists.. here is a good song to pray too..

Victoria Williams..

"Rain Maker" my song..

enjoy a sample here..

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PostSubject: Re: music and coffee and religion..   Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:01 pm

As I try to tell my sister and mother I don't need to go into a building and listen to some old fool tell me I am going to burn in his hell for all eternity because I don't follow his strict dogma (and pay him 10% of all my earnings if I know what's good for me!). Church is all over and especially outdoors on a warm spring or summer morning. As you stated, drinking a favorite beverage and chilling out to some soul searching music brings me closer to Goddess.

I actually feel sorry for them as they are so limited in their scope of what true spirituality is. If more and more started to think like us, you will see many churches filing for bankruptcy.

Thank you for sharing that new artist.
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PostSubject: Re: music and coffee and religion..   Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:53 am

She is a hung favorite of mine.. draped above my sanity when I most need it.

Today I'm in kinda a Pearl Jam mood.. cranky but I'll get to my zone when I finish my lunch=0)
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PostSubject: Re: music and coffee and religion..   

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music and coffee and religion..
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