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 It's how I survive my work day..

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PostSubject: It's how I survive my work day..   Thu May 03, 2012 9:25 am

I get the craziest messages from a guy friend of mine at the previous office I used to work at.. we will call him "Gorgie" so as to protect his identity. I just made up a random name...

He is just a goof ball. And I love the conversations we have.. I am telling you guys because i may have lost it Monday had it not been for my buddy so I copied and pasted the convo here for your "Smile of the Day" he is a hilarious person I have known for seems like over a decade! In his late 40's and down right nutty. But with out my friend I would surely lose my mind our conversations are completely rediculous..gotta love those friends that for no reason crack you up and so therefore I had to share it... Basketball

Gorgie: How did the class thing go today?
me: Great faster than I thought.
Gorgie: Yeah we are really busy here so many calls...
Me: Oh that is not fun..
Gorgie: Like a turd in a punch bowl..
Me: You have a way with words Gorgie Very Happy
gorgie: it is one of those bar frazes.. (mind you his spelling which i love)

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It's how I survive my work day..
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