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 Nine Muses Inspire

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PostSubject: Nine Muses Inspire   Fri May 04, 2012 5:51 pm

Calliope speaks of the Epic Poem of my life (Epic Poetry)

Clio inspires the wonderful and sorrowful memories of our past (History)

Erato is my Muse today for inspiring this poem (Love Poetry)

Euterpe inspires me to sing out loud the words (Song)

Melpomene has me relive the tragedies of life to weep (Tragedy)

Polyhymnia makes me sing the praises of the Muses (Hymns)

Terpsichore has me dance the night away (Dance)

Thalia inspires me to laugh at all the humor in my life (Comedy)

Urania inspires me to look at the Moon and Stars at night (Astronomy)

Just a quick inspirational poem to the Muses. Thank you, Erato.
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Nine Muses Inspire
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