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 Playing Football

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PostSubject: Playing Football   Mon May 28, 2012 8:38 pm

Ed vividly remembered his father telling him he could not play football for the high school when he was 17 as it was too dangerous. Ed ducked at age 18 as the bullets whizzed by his head wondering why his father didn't forbid him going to Vietnam. Ed's Vietnamese partner also wanted to know the same thing as he ran to take cover from the shelling. The sky lit up brightly and a deafening sound threw Ed to the ground. It took a minute or so in his mind to recover but he saw his the young Vietnamese soldier lying on the field bloody and terribly wounded.

Ed didn't even know the young man but ran over and threw him over his shoulder to get him to the medics. While running toward safety, Ed was hit by enemy gunfire but kept going. The pain was incredible, but it did not stop Ed who thought about this young boy's parents. They may not of spoken the language, but grief is universal. Ed did get the boy to the medics and was treated at the hospital for his wounds. Ed expected to go home with his Purple Heart, but he did not have any money on him to bribe the official making those decisions.

Ed was sent back to the front and was again ducking the gunfire. He also was hit by a massive shell causing his side to be split open. Ed managed to walk to where the helicopters were only to collapse. He could hear them start to leave and figured he would die in the mud. "Hey! That man just moved a bit. We have to get him." The helicopter pilot shook his head no and yelled the man was dead. The medic did the unusual thing and pulled rank on the pilot ordering him to land so they could pick Ed up.

Ed was taken back to the hospital where he was patched up. His injuries were quite serious this time so he didn't have to worry about being sent back to the front again. Ed was lucky and did get to go home to see his family again. Tens of thousands of young men were not so lucky in that 'Police Conflict'.

Dedicated to a true friend and hero named Ed. He received three Purple Hearts and two Silver Stars for his bravery on the field. The story of him carrying a South Vietnamese soldier to safety while wounded is true. The being sent back to the front because he had no money is also true. This is why we have Memorial Day, to give people like Ed thanks.

Thank you my dear friend.
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Playing Football
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