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 I am Safe Here

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PostSubject: I am Safe Here   Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:30 pm

The homeless boy is starving and cold

I take him to a diner to feed him

I take him to a motel so he can shower

He steps out of the bathroom and removes his towel

He lays naked on the bed and closes his eyes

He is expecting to feel a stranger touch him

He is expecting a stranger to violate him

He is surprised when I hold him in my arms

"I am not that kind of person

"I will not use you

"I only want to help

"I want you to rest here

"I want you to be safe

"I love you as a fellow human

"I love you as you are a brother"

He starts to cry and has realized

"I am safe here"
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I am Safe Here
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