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 The Decline of HP Printers and other products

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The Decline of HP Printers and other products Empty
PostSubject: The Decline of HP Printers and other products   The Decline of HP Printers and other products I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 6:57 pm

It used to be HP Printers were among the best a person could buy. Now it seems they are among the worst out there. My printer loves to stop in the middle of printing. It also has the no paper signal on when there is paper in it and it is not jammed. There are other things wrong with it and I just bought it recently.

My brother told me HP printers have been going down hill for the past few years.

There are other products out there which used to be reliable only to have fallen on the wayside. The Swedish store Ikea is another place which used to be inexpensive for the most part but had durable items. Now it is pricier but the items fall apart quickly.

I do like my HP computer, but the next one I get will probably be something else. (Not an Apple or Mac as you are paying for the name.)

It also used to be store name brands bought at grocery stores were of decent quality. Not any more as the last few items I bought went down in taste. I know they all want to save a few bucks, but I am willing to pay a few shekels more for better quality. Otherwise, I am going to shop elsewhere.
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The Decline of HP Printers and other products
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