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 The Penalty by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: The Penalty by Karl Kramer   Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:42 pm

The penalty for many crimes in the land of Atlantia was death, and the person who carried out the penalty was very somber. He knew he had a duty to perform, and did it just like any civil servant. They called him Boggs, and many did not know his first name.

The prisoner was ready for the sentence to be carried out. He would be escorted the the wilderness area known as the Terrible Place. All prisoners who went there never returned, and Atlantia decided from a long time ago to make it the place to carry out the ultimate penalty. The prisoner followed Boggs as they approached the gates.

"I will put a blindfold on you and take you to an unknown place" Boggs stated in his usual staid voice. "When we get there, I will bound you up and then leave you." The prisoner was scared and asked "What happens to me then?"

Boggs responded "I don't know as no one has ever returned to tell the tale."

The prisoner was blindfolded and taken to a place which seemed like hours to arrive. He was bound up, and then left alone. After Boggs had long left, the prisoner was able to get out of his binds. He looked around and saw it was pretty desolate. He started to get hungry, and noticed plenty of food around. He wondered if the food was poisoned, but did not notice any remains of others in the area.

The prisoner took a piece of food and put it in his mouth. He felt a sharp pain...

"Hey Dad! I got a big one!" yelled Tommy. "Good catch, son."
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The Penalty by Karl Kramer
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