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 Sunday's Garden

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PostSubject: Sunday's Garden   Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:57 am

A garden of stone
with vines growing out of cracks
Years of storms made it what it is now

On a beautiful Sunday she prayed
God set her free
from a life so sorrowful
let her die

In all of her light
she stole darkness from the lost souls
a place to rest
a place to lay her head and heart
ripped free

Deliver me
oh God she prayed
and in a day or so she discovered
the sound of music playing her song

In this crippled delusion
she prayed let her go
give her breath to someone more deserving
let her sacrafice to the child that is sick
let her sacrafice to the mother that needs just one more day
in this she prayed

But she stole the darkness
and in it it made her free
the music set her free
the song of a thousand sparrows

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Sunday's Garden
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