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 On an Ocean

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PostSubject: On an Ocean   On an Ocean I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 9:03 am

This ocean runs across the planet
passing us both
Soul siblings
Is it to be a tragedy she made you sacrafice
all that you were?
Do you see it?

In this ocean I can see the sea in front of you and me
You were my idol
You were my brother
Where you were I was strong
Now a faded memory now a photograph
with no more meaning

It is as though you died
the dreams you gave up
the music you stopped playing

In this ocean I can see the sea in front of you and me
A tear in a dream
Wiped it away but more came
You and I and the changing tide
Is this what it feels like to be real?
Is this what it feels like to grow old?
Is this why you settled for nothing?
To have the experience before your time is up?

I will miss her I will miss him
they are there I can see they are in a photograph of you and me
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On an Ocean
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