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 Naked Days...

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PostSubject: Naked Days...   Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:17 pm

I walk into the locker room and undress

The locker room turns into a classroom and I am naked

No one notices this fact right now

I go back to the locker room and it is filled with women and girls

They don't notice or care I am there

I am at home and my sons' are all naked

They have their girlfriends come over and I don't care

I don't even notice their state of nudity

No irate fathers will knock on my door to complain of this

Life goes on in our Naked Days...

I have a lot of dreams where I or others are totally naked and no one notices or cares. I think this is strange as most people who dream they are naked are noticed by others. I think it is because I am relaxed about this as well as my boys.
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Naked Days...
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