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 The Blood Red Sun

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PostSubject: The Blood Red Sun   Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:00 pm

The day started off normal for the most part. People went off to work and kids went to school in the morning. People ran errands who normally worked nights. It was also a warm and sunny day which was the kind some would call in sick to go fishing. Sal Jones had a rare day off and started the day doing his lawn and other outdoor jobs he had been putting off. His beautiful neighbor named Cecilia was also doing gardening and she waved at him as he mowed his lawn.

Later on in the afternoon, it started to cloud up slightly. Sal figured it was going to rain and decided to put his stuff away and sit outside to enjoy the rest of the day. But when the clouds cleared up, it was still dark outside. The Sun had turned a dark blood red color. Sal stared at it and then thought of the End of the World signs. Wasn't the Sun turning into blood one of them? he thought as chills went down his spine. Sal was not the only one to notice as many of the other neighbors came out to look at the Sun. Some did the Sign of the Cross while others just got on their knees and prayed waiting for the Rapture to start. When they were still in front of their houses on their knees, they began to panic and wonder what they did wrong to not be taken straight up into Heaven.

Sal turned on the news and the phenomena was all over the States and Western Hemisphere. People started to riot and many went out into the street to kill themselves. Many shot their spouses and children before taking their own lives. The neighbors who had prayed for the Rapture to start figured out they had to kill their own children and spouses before themselves. That was the only way to be part of the Rapture. Sal begged for them to reconsider and stated there had to be an explanation as to why the Sun was that color. Maybe it was smog or a volcano erupted somewhere.

It didn't work as the neighbor ran into his house and got out his gun to shoot his children first. Sal tried to convince him to shoot himself first and he would take care of the rest. "They need to recognize you when they get there or they could be lost forever." The man agreed and took his own life as Sal took his children to his house for safety. As the blood red Sun set, the night was ablaze with fires making the sky glow and a dense cloud of smoke choking most people. "The End Times are here! Prepare for the great Apocalyptic war!" were cries heard throughout the night.

Meanwhile the government officials all begged for people to remain calm as scientists and astronomers tried to figure out what happened. Strangely, the Sun appeared normal when it rose in Asia for the start of the next day. The peoples of Australia experienced a strange cloud covering so they were not able to make out if they had the blood red Sun shining over there. Sal was not able to get any sleep as the night went on. Soon, it was dawn and the Sun appeared to be normal. The landscape was not as buildings were burning and people wandering around in a daze. Suicides were of such a number that a mass cremation was planned since all the morgues were filled up.

Sal walked outside to see a few of his neighbors staring at the Sun. One of them threw out their rosary and stepped on it. Others figured it was a strange natural phenomena and hoped all would forget about it. Cecilia was outside with tears streaming from her face. "I just saw on the news over ten million people are dead from violence and suicide. Another ten million are wounded while the damage is estimated to be in the trillions. Why do people act like that? There must be an explanation to what happened." Sal shrugged as he could not answer that one.

In the end, the scientists never were able to explain why the Sun appeared blood red to the Western Hemisphere only. Atmospheric disturbance was bantered around for the next few days and then forgotten about. The government officials tried to get people to remain calm and membership in the churches declined dramatically as people felt they had been tricked. It would take years for the entire region to get back to normal, but psychologically people wondered why their God had abandoned them.
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The Blood Red Sun
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