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 Creepy Society

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PostSubject: Creepy Society   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:07 pm

Walk that pageant line, little girl

Dance on that stripper pole, little girl

Smile for the camera and pose like a slut, little girl

Say precocious things we cue you to say, little girl

Let the reality show people follow your every move, little girl

Wear make-up that makes you look like a whore, little girl

Just make sure you do not act like a real five year old girl.

After reading about a reality series following a tot around her house, I felt this poem in my heart. Children should be children and her parents should be ashamed of themselves. Talk about child abuse and this should be a definition. Why doesn't child protective services take the girl away from those idiots posing as parents?
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Creepy Society
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