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 The Santa Diaries

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PostSubject: The Santa Diaries   Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:30 am

The trap door in the ceiling opened and a figure wearing a dark outfit quickly scrambled down the rope. A large book was sitting on the table where the figure was headed. The figure opened each page and snapped a few pictures of the contents in it. After snapping pictures of all the pages, the figure climbed back up the rope and took off the mask revealing a young woman. "I am finished taking the pictures of the Naughty List Book, Daddy." The man who was holding the rope helped his daughter through the window and toward the dogsled waiting on the snow.

It did not take long for the man to find a group of bidders for the list. He informed them it contained the names of the richest people in the world as well as many politicians were on the list. The man told them a few secrets so they knew what they were getting into. The bidding was fierce and the list sold for over $100 million. The father and daughter team quickly took all of their loot and vanished without a trace. The buyer was a wealthy industrialist named Ronald Carne and he couldn't be happier. "Saunders! Come look at this list I just bought. I can use this against all those Congressmen to pass laws I want passed. I can blackmail many wealthy people into doing what I want done or even money if I choose. This will pay for itself in a matter of days."

Saunders was Carne's trusted adviser as well as lawyer. He was wary about the list and wondered where the sellers had gotten it. Who in their right mind would jot down everything they have done bad since they were kids? The list included many terrible deeds done as adults and seemed to be updated every year with new entries. "I can't believe Senator Johnson did that this past summer. He is going to be in our pockets for a long time as he won't want anyone finding out about it." Carne opened up a bottle of Champagne to celebrate his new acquisition. The celebration was short lived as an older portly man wearing a red business suit walked into the office.

"Who the hell are you and how did you get into my house?" The old man had a neatly trimmed beard and was using a walking cane. A couple of guards ran into the office and were quickly knocked out by the old man. "I should be the one to ask how you got a hold of a copy of my list. I will be taking that back now." The old man took out some dust from his pocket and blew it toward both Saunders and Carne putting them to sleep. The old man picked up the list and walked out the door in a casual manner.

Carne woke up and wondered what had happened. He received a call from his bank about the $100 million withdrawal and quickly woke Saunders up. "Why did I withdraw that kind of money? What are you sleeping in my office for? Get out and get some answers!" Both men had no memories of the list and the visit by the old man.

"Kris, I made sure all of the books will be done in invisible ink including the Nice List. I don't want this to happen again but don't want this to become a fortress either." Mr Kringle smiled at his number one elf and agreed about the incident.

"This is a happy place and we don't want anyone to feel unwelcome, even people with not so nice intent. At least they won't be able to snap pictures of the lists again." Kris Kringle then let out a belly laugh as he went to check up on the toys. He also wondered if he should still keep a naughty list for those who were adults now, but figured someone else might want to look at the list. The Krampus would be very interested in those people.
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The Santa Diaries
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