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 Iphone Ghost App Works!!!

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PostSubject: Iphone Ghost App Works!!!   Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:23 pm

There is an app for the Iphone that is a ghost box called Ghost Radar Classic...

A good friend of mine was at my home a week or so ago and she showed it to me.. and it was reading the alogorithmics and at first it said things like Bell then Circle.. then it said my father's name.. and the strange part was no one was talking about him.. I would chalk it up to a coicidence but two other strange things happened that night and since then.

Lately my home has had some interesting activity. If anyone has a phone that you can use try it out. Pretty interesting especially after the fact.. the Bell / Circle.. was a windchime I have in the shape of a pentagram with bells hanging off of it..

the other strange thing is that after it happened I decided to try a different app one that records EVPS well I am naturally mildly skeptical but I would still give it a try.

I had used a ouija about a year ago and the person that came through was named Amy. I used the EVP recorder and the first time I stood in a quiet area - no tv- no radio no people and asked "Is there anyone that would like to talk to me?" WHen I played it bac you can make out a woman's voice saying AMY.

Very cool and fun things and it is fine if no one beleives me and all but I had to share. Nothing ghostly had happened on this section in a while..

IF you do try out the Ghost RAdar Classic (free download on droid, black berry and iphone 4) let me know!

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Iphone Ghost App Works!!!
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