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 Future Stepfather by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: Future Stepfather by Karl Kramer   Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:09 pm

Ronald met Sondra at a party and the both of them clicked. Sondra was youthful and vibrant with a great sense of humor. She also had children whom she talked about frequently. Ronald didn't mind even though she never told him their ages, names or even what sex they were. It was always 'the children' or 'my children'. Ronald was thankful he wasn't bombarded by hundreds of pictures of the children as babies.

The relationship quickly grew serious and Ronald started to look for engagement rings to pop the question with. He found a very nice ring and wanted the most romantic place for when he popped the question. He took Sondra to an exclusive Italian restaurant and did the old drop to his knee and asked Sondra to marry him. "Yes, I will marry you. The children are going to love you when you meet them.'

"When do you think that will be, Sondra? You do talk about them and yet I know so very little about them." Sondra asked if later on tonight was a good time. "Let me tell them a bit about you and then I will have you meet them. Come to my house at around eight pm." Ronald agreed with that as he was finally going to meet her children. He hoped they would like him as Sondra did dote over them.

Ronald arrived at the house and was invited in by Sondra. There were no toys or anything to indicate the children were very young which was a good thing. Ronald had no children of his own and did not like to be around very young children. He also noticed there were no pictures of them on the wall or mantels. It was possible Sondra kept them upstairs so Ronald put it out of his mind as he was going to meet them anyways. Sondra went to the basement door and opened it.

"Guess what, children. Mommy has brought home your future stepfather so you can all eat him." Sondra gestured for Ronald to approach the door as he could of sworn she said 'eat' instead of 'meet'. It was probably nerves as the smiling Sondra give kisses in the air to Ronald. When Ronald got to the basement door, he saw it was very dark downstairs as no lights were on. As he was about to ask why that was, Sondra pushed him in the room and slammed the door shut. "Enjoy your visit, Ronald" Sondra said as she bolted the door.

Pounding and screaming could be heard as Sondra smiled and sipped her tea. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET ME OUT OF HERE!" Ronald screamed as ungodly snarls could be heard with the ripping and tearing of flesh. Ronald screamed a bit more and then it was quiet accept for the banging of the door and sound of wild animals devouring their prey. "I hope you liked your future stepfather, children. Mommy will bring another one here in the next two months if you are good."

Sondra looked out at the back yard and her garden. She just loved her children.
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Future Stepfather by Karl Kramer
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