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 Alien Mysteries, Cospiracies and Cover-Ups by Kevin Randle

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PostSubject: Alien Mysteries, Cospiracies and Cover-Ups by Kevin Randle   Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:15 pm

Alien Mysteries, Conspiracies and Cover-Ups by Kevin D Randle (Lt Col Ret, USAR)

There are some in ufology who do nothing but debunk every single thing they hear without checking it out. There are others in ufology who believe every single UFO incident is extraterrestrial or supernatural in nature and must be treated as such. Then there are people like Kevin Randle who do the tireless research and come up with some answers neither side is going to like.

Lt Col Randle's latest book takes a look at some of the earlier cases out there and the possibility of there being a cover-up or conspiracy. He does this with the famed airship events in the late 1890s as well as some of the famed UFO crashes out there like Aztec and Roswell. The airship case is fascinating even if most of the cases are outright hoaxes. (One of the most famous early cattle abduction and mutilation cases turns out to be a lie started by the witness himself.)

There still are many great and mysterious cases out there which may never be fully solved. But there are an equal number that have been solved or are hoaxes which continually pop up on the internet as real.

I do think this book would make a good companion piece to the Jim Marrs book. The two authors take the subjects on coming from two separate ends of the spectrum. Where as Mr Marrs tends to see all the cases as real, Mr Randle is the one who looks at them all with a fine tooth comb. In the end he does ufologists a favor and reminds them they have to be diligent and do their homework or end up looking like buffoons.
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Alien Mysteries, Cospiracies and Cover-Ups by Kevin Randle
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