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 Sea Deities of the ancient Greeks and Romans

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PostSubject: Sea Deities of the ancient Greeks and Romans   Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:47 pm

The Greeks and Romans were great seafarers so it would make sense they had a lot of Sea Deities. I have also included water and river Deities in this list.

Aegaeon A God of violent storms at sea

Amphitrite (Salacia) Sea Goddess and consort of Poseidon

Anapos Local Sea God who resided in eastern Sicily

Aphros Sea God with the body of a horse and tail of a fish (Ichthyocentaurs)

Brizo Goddess of Sailors

Bythos Sea God with the body of a horse and tail of a fish (Ichthyocentaurs)

Ceto Goddess of Dangerous Waters as well as Sea Monsters

Cymopoleia Goddess of Storm Waves and daughter of Poseidon

Doris Goddess of the Bounty of the Sea

Eidothea Sea Goddess and daughter of Proteus

Electra Oceanid and Sea Goddess

Eurybia Goddess of the Mastery of the Sea

Fontus God of Wells and Fresh Water

Galene Calm Sea Goddess

Glaucus Sea God of Fishermen

Leucothea (also known as Ino) Sea Goddess protector of sailors

Nerites Young Sea God

Nereus Old Sea God (The Old Man of the Sea)

Nymphs These young Sea Goddesses number in the many and consist of the Naiades, Nereides and Oceanides.

Oceanus Sea God personification of the oceans

Pan Nature God who is also God of Fishing

Palaemon Young Sea God

Phorcys Sea God of danger

Pontus Early Sea God

Poseidon (Neptune) Main Sea God and God of Horses

Potamoi Sea Gods who are fathers of the many Sea Nymphs

Proteus Early Sea God

Tethys Titan Sea Goddess

Thalassa Early Sea Goddess

Thaumus Sea God

Thetis Sea Goddess

Triteia Sea Goddess and daughter of Neptune

Triton Sea God and son of Neptune

Volturnus God of Waters

Names in parentheses are Roman equivalents.

Over 33 Sea Gods and Goddesses or others related to the sea. I can see why as the Sea, Ocean, Rivers and Lakes provided food and water for living. Some were local in nature and others existed in the stories told. Several were quite important although all had their followings.
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Sea Deities of the ancient Greeks and Romans
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