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 Keep Me Safe

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PostSubject: Keep Me Safe   Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:51 pm

He is a young blond boy of about 12

I have known him for a few years as he stays with my boys

He loves me and my house and will not leave

After all the others have grown and left the roost he still stays

He never has aged and is the young scared blond boy

"They want to take me back and I don't want to go!"

He sits on the couch next to me and cuddles up to me

"I will protect you from them. You are not going anywhere."

They come for him with smiles on their faces

The boy smiles as he is safe from them

I will never let those evil beings take your soul

The blond boy grows wings and flies high in the sky that is the ceiling

He smiles as he lands and sits next to me again

"I will always protect you know matter how old you get

"You all are my sons and I love you more than anything"

The demons leave without their quarry

My boys return and fly high in the sky

I have protected him one more night

They will keep trying to steal away his soul but I will be there to stop them
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Keep Me Safe
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