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 The Job by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: The Job by Karl Kramer   Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:06 pm

John Krantz was in his late 50s and lived with his wife Jilly and son John Jr. John Jr had married a few years back only to stay home with his bride. They were the typical slackers, and John knew he was as much to blame as them for not kicking his son out. His wife had stated a few times about doing so only to chicken out in the end. John had a few health problems that were caused by stress from his job and the situation back home. He also had a checkered past which was coming back to haunt him.

His literal partner in crime was named Norton since he looked like actor Art Carney. No one really knew or remembered his real name as they never bothered to use it. Norton was OK with that as he never gave up the life of crime. He spent much of the past 40 years in prisons and halfway houses which didn't seem to bother him. "K, I have a job you might be interested in. They do a cash run at this bank every few months and it is lightly guarded. Your share could easily be ten million or even more." John wanted to slam the door on his former friend but told him to meet him at a local diner.

"Listen, Norton. I have my own problems without you showing up with another job to do. If you notice, my hair or what's left of it is snow white now. I have a kid in his 30s who has no job living at my home with his wife. At least there are no children involved." Norton looked at his friend and shook his head. "You forgot to add your job at the department store selling menswear. You also are struggling to make ends meet as only you work. You went through your savings on that sham of a wedding hoping to get rid of Moochie boy, but now you are supporting him.

"I have been in and out of prisons myself and decided no more. I heard about this from a guard who worked at the place and it is a great one time job. Once we pull it off, we are set for life. You can live on that tropical island where the girls are all topless. If someone else pulls this job off, they are going to fix it so the security is like Fort Knox." John had written down all the excuses to not do the job and tell Norton to never bother him again. But he started to think of himself as living on a tropical island drinking pina coladas and decided to ask about the plans.

After Norton told John about the place and gave some information, John decided to do the planning like he always did. He even utilized his son's talents as a computer geek to figure out some of the logistics of the job. Within a week, John had the plans all set and started to look for a suitcase to pack a few clothes. Jilly appeared in the doorway and had a glare in her eye. "You are not going to do any job unless you take me with you. I have suffered enough looking for work to feed that ox who is my daughter-in-law." John told Jilly he would take her with but would not tell her anymore about the job itself.

The day came for John and Norton to do the job and John was amazed at how lax the security was. An elderly man with a gun was sitting at a desk while stacks of $100 bills were piled on several carts by workers. The men left to go on break leaving the money and the old guard alone. "This is done in a small hall so they don't think anyone would think of trying to rob it. My friend was tempted to take a cart and never return, but he lost the nerve after walking up to the cart."

John and Norton took the carts as the guard slept and brought the money to their car outside of the building. Within 15 minutes the men left the building and headed to Norton's to say goodbye. Norton took his share and did a final wave to his friend in the car. "Those workers are still on their lunch break. I am now beginning mine and will never see you again, K." John drove home and met Jilly who had packed several suitcases at the house. "We are going to put money in those after I give a share to the idiots in a garbage bag. You don't need anything as I will buy it when we get to the paradise."

Six Months Later...

Jilly and John were having a ball at the beach as the young women ran by them topless. Jilly snapped her fingers at John as he watched, but then looked at the young native men running around the beach naked. "I told you all of the natives run around like that. You can look at what you want and I can look at what I want." They both started laughing as they sipped their tropical drinks.

"This place is great and very cheap to live in. I can't believe we paid so little for our house. We sell fishing and other stuff to the tourists and then live the night life. I almost feel bad about the kids, but you left them $1 million. I hope they didn't do anything stupid with it." John hugged his wife as he told her they were not their problem anymore.

John Jr was playing his computer games when the power went out in the house. Everything was silent and Jr went to check the fuses to make sure everything was OK. He didn't know what to look for so he yelled for his wife to come down stairs. "Your parents have been gone and we didn't pay any bills, remember? They didn't leave us a dime as if to tell us something." Jr remembered the gas and water had been shut off earlier in the week and smacked his head. He went to the den where he saw all the late notice bills and wondered what to do next.

"I wish we were like that kid who found a garbage bag at the dump loaded with a million dollars. What kind of idiot would throw that kind of money out?"
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The Job by Karl Kramer
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