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 Poltergeist by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: Poltergeist by Karl Kramer   Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:50 pm

The manor of Lord Smythe had its share of ghosts and sightings for decades. Some workers dismissed it as a chance to get guests to pay big money to spend a weekend there, others actually claimed to have seen the entities themselves. Mrs Welch was one who had seen the ghost of a Lord of the Manor a few times and it did not bother her. She liked her job of cleaning the place as she could make her own ours and was left alone to do her work.

Mrs Welch had a routine she did each day and would go about them diligently. This time, Mrs Welch would have unwanted company as she felt a force grab at her. She looked around and saw nothing and wondered if it was her imagination or one of the ghosts. Mrs Welch was then violently knocked down and when she got up she could feel something shove her to the ground again. Mrs Welch screamed and looked but did not see anything. She finally got up and was knocked against one of the walls. This time, Mrs Welch ran toward the door and never looked back. She could always find a job as a maid or homeworker somewhere else.

The next attack happened on the old gardener, Mr Bertram. He had been working at the estate for over 30 years and did not believe in the ghosts. He worked outdoors for the most part and only went inside to take care of some houseplants. He didn't count the greenhouse as indoors and never saw anything unusual when he worked there. Mr Bertram mowed the huge lawn every Monday and was getting out the rider mower to do so. As Mr Bertram started to get some more gas for the mower, it started itself and moved fifteen feet before stopping. Mr Bertram went to see who was trying to pull a practical joke on him, but saw nothing and noticed the mower had shut off. As Mr Bertram went back to get more petrol, he tripped over something he did not see. The mower started and raced over to where Mr Bertram was. His leg was hit by the mower, but he managed to get to safety. Mr Bertram sustained serious injuries and gave his notice of resignation effective immediately.

The Billy the poolboy had been hired over the summer to take care of the outdoor pool. He was the great nephew of Mr Bertram and wanted to do the best job he could so he could get hired on in the winter for odd jobs. He liked his video games and hanging out with his mates, but it was nicer when they had spending money to do so. Billy changed into his swimming trunks and went to the pool to skim it and then check the chemical balances. This was rather easy work and he was paid for running around a pool for the most part in his mind. Billy felt something touch his back and looked to see he was the only one there. He went back to work and was pushed in the pool. Something kept holding Billy on the bottom of the pool as he gasped to get air. Billy thought he was dead until another manor staff member jumped in and pulled Billy out of the pool. Crying, Billy went home and never returned to that once cushy job.

The investigator was listening in detail to those three incidents the head Butler was telling him about. "I was the one who jumped in and pulled the boy out of the pool. He had scratches all over his body as if someone had been forcefully holding him down. Mrs Welch was one of the best employees we had and would not risk losing the job and pension over something silly. Mr Bertram has been forced to retire from a job he loved because of his injuries. There are other incidents of a violent nature in recent weeks, but those staff members just left and refused to put their names on it so they could get work elsewhere." Jarvis had been the Head Butler for decades and also wanted to leave the manor.

Don Jackson had been an investigator of the paranormal and was trying to figure out why a poltergeist had taken up residence at the manor. Jarvis suggested it could be the old owner Lord Smythe himself as his family was alleged to have abilities. "Lord Smythe is in his 80s and it is possible he cannot control the abilities he has always had. His children and grandchildren rarely visit the place anymore." Jackson decided to visit the family members and ask what they thought was going on. The family declined to meet with Jackson stating not much could be done unless the old man was declared incompetent and put in an institution.

"It figures my only son would do that to me. He wants this manor and control of my monies. If he succeeds in blaming me for these events, he can control and change my testate will so he gets everything. I have named my great grandson as my true heir leaving the greedy ones fending for themselves. I think they are the ones controlling the forces, but I don't know how." Lord Smythe was in good health and enjoying his breakfast as he spoke with Jackson. "What I can do is have a few of my colleagues spend the night here and trace the source of all this. We then can figure out who is trying to harm the staff and force you to leave."

That night Jackson set up his equipment and had a few of his co-workers who had some psychic abilities stay at the manor. They would spend the night wandering the halls hoping the force would go after them. It did, and threw them around the halls and managed to hold one of the aides against the ceiling. They managed to hold on to the psychic force and traced it back to Lord Smythe himself. "It seems you are the one responsible for this, Lord Smythe. The spirits of the others are amplifying these abilities causing violent attacks. I do think your son knows about this and is using this to gain control. I have a suggestion which will help you out and control these abilities. Have your great grandson and great granddaughter move in here. Their developing abilities will counter yours and keep these attacks from harming the staff members."

Lord Smythe was happy about this agreement and asked his great grandchildren to move in. Their parents objected at first, but the great grandchildren told them they would be allowed to live in the manor with them. The situation helped, but there were a few attacks here and there on the grandchildren and visiting children. It seemed Lord Smythe's resentment toward them resulted in the attacks. Other than that, there was peace again and the ghosts in the manor lived along with the living heirs.
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Poltergeist by Karl Kramer
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